Malcolm CasSelle: Introducing the Future of Online Gaming

For over a decade, Malcolm CasSelle has been focusing on being an independent entrepreneur and as the president of WAX, more commonly known as the Worldwide Asset Exchange). WAX is the largest online trading portal which allows online gamers to trade or sell their items in exchange of cryptocurrencies. Using their latest block chain technology, WAX is able to create a huge world of virtual traders that keeps n growing each day. Malcolm CasSelle stated that WAX has already changed the way online gamers play, and because of the increasing value of their virtual economy, WAX is transforming into one of the most profitable companies on the planet. Aside from serving as the president for WAX, Malcolm CasSelle is also working with OP Skins, where he is serving as the chief investment officer. His responsibility includes being the forefront of buying and selling items originating from online video games.

Malcolm CasSelle has an extensive portfolio, and he had been with several companies before the establishment of WAX. He had been the president and the CTO of a technology company called Tronc, known previously as Tribune Publishing. His responsibility with Tronc is to oversee how the company’s digital assets are performing, and he is also responsible for thinking ways on how he can make their digital assets grow. Malcolm CasSelle also built several digital startups after graduating from MIT Stanford University, and one of the most popular companies that he helped build were MediaPress and Xfire. He also co-founded Groupon and Tencent, which later on become popular internationally. Aside from setting up digital startups, Malcolm CasSelle also invested in some technology corporations like Facebook and Zynga. He is currently investing some of his money on cryptocurrencies, particularly bitcoin. Outside his home country, Malcolm CasSelle worked with Hong Kong based entrepreneurs to establish PCCW, a telecommunications company that is currently valued at $35 billion.

Because of the successful transition of his career, more business people are becoming interested in what he is offering. Malcolm CasSelle stated that managing WAX is difficult, but he will do his best to succeed because he believes that the integration of cryptocurrency and digital trading is the future of online gaming.

The Positive Impact of the DACA Program in the United States

A group of Republican Party members and supporters have been continuously working to ensure that the government abolishes the DACA program. Hundreds of thousands of immigrant youths are currently beneficiaries of the plan, and they have been getting the news of its termination through various organizations. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) was established by the Obama administration to ensure that undocumented youths who had specific qualifications were allowed to live in the U.S, have a social security number, and also be offered jobs. DACA beneficiaries are required to renew their memberships after every two years. A couple of American states allow immigrants who are covered by the program to have driver’s license and also access in-state tuition.

This year, Texas A.G. Ken Paxton wrote a letter to the government demanding for the abolition of DACA before September 5. In his letter, Paxton stated that he would file a lawsuit if the program were not terminated. DACA will be ended in a gradual manner to avoid any form of chaos. The Trump administration is currently not accepting any new applications and individuals whose membership expires will not be allowed to renew. One Republican governor and 9 Republican A.Gs approved the demands of A.G Paxton.

The current secretary of Homeland Security, John Kelly, recently met with members of the Hispanic community in a closed-door meeting. Kelly believes that over 800,000 undocumented persons have registered for the DACA program. According to him, many American citizens have filed lawsuits seeking the termination of DACA. Immigrants knew that this day would come, but the news from John Kelly worried them more. DACA has functioned for about five years, and it has been quite beneficial to the people of the United States. Statistics indicate that approximately 95 percent of the individuals who benefit from the program study and work in the country. They pay millions of dollars to higher learning institutions to get an education. Most of these people are very hard working, and they pay high taxes to the government. Research shows that DACA beneficiaries mostly spend their money on education, opening businesses, as well as acquitting cars and homes.

DACA was very successful in the United States. Its abolition has scared many dreamers since they might be deported from the country. Young immigrants have strived to protect the program, but they have failed. Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is determined to offer any significant support to beneficiaries of DACA.


Ecommerce Customer Experience With AI

As more and more people think about AI, they know that AI is slowly changing the world. They think about medical research, spaceflight, business becoming more efficient, and so much more. One thing about AI that many people do not think about is when AI is used to help online business become more efficient and creates a much better customer experience. This is key because, with the barrier of creating an online business so low, every day more and more competition is entering your business space. AI can really create an edge for your online store by creating a great customer experience that gives your customers reasons to come back. AI can help with support, stock levels, and recommended products to your customers. This creates a loyal audience and customer base that will choose your store over other stores when they need to buy a product or service.

Support is often one of the last things a business owner thinks about but with AI that business owner does not have to think about it at all because AI can effectively reply to emails in a smart way. Sentient AI is becoming smarter every year by being able to read what a person asks, and knows exactly what the answer is. This can lead to a lot of happy customers because support is not always good in online stores. Stock levels are crucial when it comes to online stores because if a customer wants a product and sees that your online store is out of stock, they can easily go to the ansther store and buy that product. AI can manage your stock levels and request more when the product is close to being out of stock. This allows your online store to never be out of stock. AI can even recommend products to your customers by looking at their previous sales and data. This can create new profit which can really help your online stores bottom line.

Your store needs an edge, and AI can give it that edge against your competition. You need to make sure that you have AI to help with support, manage stock levels, and to create a great customer experience. You need a group of repeat customers that when always come back to your online store, and with AI help, you can easily create that base that will help your store make the great profit. AI is there to help.

End Citizens United Hopes To Raise $35 Million To Fight The “Big Money 20”

End Citizens United believes the political stage of the U.S. is no longer fair for all despite many still believing this is the spiritual home of democracy. The traditional PAC believes it has an important role to play in raising awareness of the damage the 2010 Citizens United decision of the Supreme Court which removed the financial restraints placed on the traditional PAC and allowed the establishment of Super PACs trading on the unlimited funds available from corporations and billionaire donors on both sides of the political spectrum.

For the majority of citizens in the U.S. the Citizens United decision may not have seemed like a major issue but the publishing of the “Big Money 20” list by End Citizens United shows how the majority of Republican lawmakers have been affected by the arrival of billionaire donors over the last few years. Although the list of the top 20 targets for End Citizens United may be largely a marketing decision to highlight the extent to which U.S. politics are rigged against the common humanity in favor of billionaires and corporations who are funding the campaigns of many of the top political officials in the nation.


One of the most unsettling revelations from the “Big Money 20” list is the inclusion of House Speaker Paul Ryan and top Republican senator Ted Cruz; the two figures should be returned to Washington with ease but the fact they have been mentioned in respect of campaign finances could have an impact on the size of the victory each politician sees during the midterms. A higher level of support for the reform of the election finance laws is being sought by End Citizens United as the group looks to build on the three million members who have already made their way to the traditional PAC to show their support for ending the divisive Citizens United decision.

End Citizens United President Tiffany Muller has revealed the PAC is on course for a high level of donations leading to it overcoming the $25 million in donations End Citizens United received during the 2016 elections according to Despite donations being capped by the PAC at just $5,000, the group has managed to raise $7 million by the middle of 2017 to remain on course for an impressive war chest of $35 million by the time the midterms of 2018 reach election day across the U.S.

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OSI President, David McDonald Exceeds International Growth Efforts

There is a growing international partnership every 1 hour around the world says, popular president of OSI Industries Inc., David McDonald. He has continued to be a major part of their international expansion efforts and has partnered with some of the bigger names in the food service industry. In fact, he is one of the executives behind the push for a stabilized food industry when other food processing facilities did not have the resources to respond. They were able to give full disclosure of their food content and where it comes from by listing it clearly on their official website. Public disclosure builds consumer trust says, McDonald.

News About David McDonald

McDonald guarantees other corporations the success of the corporation when they’re giving back to the communities they serve. He is proudly donating to the American Boys Scouts and has contributed to a number of local charitable organizations. He also thought it was important to make a bid for a Chicago Tyson plant. Their were a number of people who were able to retain their actual jobs because of their successful measure to acquire the plant. Tyson food products will still continue to be processed at their new plant along with their all natural vegetable food products.

Who Is OSI Industries

OSI Industries is the best start for a nutritious meal. They have been able to feed thousands of families without them even knowing it, but their food is available at supermarkets, grocers, restaurants, and deli’s. Their international expansion includes a Baho Foods deal which allows their customers to enjoy their food products being processed from Baho Foods. They are worth an estimated $40 billion dollars with a recent international deal worth $7 million dollars. They have also been able to bring an expansion to the business area of these overseas networks.

McDonald graduated with a degree in business from the University of Iowa and has had no problem bringing his professional business skills to the table of his current position. You’re invited to visit the official OSI Industries Inc. website to learn more about David McDonald and more.

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Kate Hudson is a leading American actress who has managed to grow her Fabletics brand immensely during the last three years that it has been in existence.


The 250 million dollars business is currently competing with Amazon in the e-commerce fashion market. The high-end athletics brand has used various means to push the trademark this includes using the reverse showroom technique.


How Reverse Showrooming Works:

Most customers browse offline in online stores and then purchase the desired goods at a cheaper price in another store. However, Fabletics reverse showroom technique ensures that their clients turn the browsing into an actual shopping experience in their store. The athleisure brand ensures that 30 to 50 percent of the customers that walk into their stores already have membership status. In addition to this, 25% of the people end up being members before they walk out of the store. Whenever a Fabletics client is shopping and they try on any clothes they also go into their shopping cart which is online. This is regardless of the fact that the customer will purchase it in the store or as retail.


Fabletics also employs the subscription method to make huge sales in the market. This combines the efforts of memberships, convenience, and a desirable brand. Other elements such as unique designs, gamification elements, excellent customer service, last-mile service, and branding have also been instrumental in the sales and marketing of the brand.


Currently, Fabletics has 16 physical stores. However, the brand plans to open more stores to boost their presence. These stores are located in California, Hawaii, Florida, and Illinois. The Fabletics Brand Manager, Gregg Throgmartin revealed that their secret is pushing a high-end brand using customized preferences, personalized services, and trendy fashions. The brand knows its customers personally; this helps it to push their customized clothes easily towards the right market at a friendly price. Basically, Fabletics considers the customer value, brand value, and enterprise value first while doing their business.


Fabletics stores are stocked using online data from their local members. Other inputs that are put into consideration before stocking the physical store include current sales activity, social media opinions, and membership tastes, among others. This means that Fabletics only stocks their stores with items that they know their members would prefer and purchase. Essentially this also translates into direct sells opportunities.


These and other factors have continued to enable the rapid growth of Fabletics every year. Even though every brand has its challenges, Fabletics has managed to use customer experience, lifestyle balance, and consumer education as a means of solving theirs. Moreover, the company has managed to use their knowledge of the modern consumer to grow their brand. To find out which Fabletics gear suits you, you can take the Lifestyle Quiz. The current growth rate of the company stands at 35% annually.

Todd Lubar- The Guide For Disadvantaged Home Buyers

Todd Lubar is the President of TDL Global Ventures. He is the senior vice president of Legendary Investments. Lubar created TDL to offer mortgage relief for aspiring home owners. Todd started his real estate career in 1995. For various years, he has been among the top 25 mortgage loan originators in the Unites States.


Home automation is an exciting trend for Mr. Todd Lubar. Organization and reading business news are habits that make him a more productive businessman. As a high school student, Lubar worked at a grocery store. One of his personal development goals is to surround himself with people who would help him become a better person. Todd believes that confidence and open communication are necessary for receiving feedback. Perseverance has helped him in overcoming failed business dealings and achieving his goals. He is a fan of fitbit. “The Magic of Thinking Big” is an influential book for Lubar as it influences him to set high standards for himself.


After graduating from college, Lubar was hired by Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He worked there for four years. In 1999, Mr. Lubar got a position in equity at Legacy Financial Group. He helped Maryland’s office production unit exceed the yearly $100 million mortgage volume.


Lubar founded Legendary Properties in 2002. At Legendary Properties, Todd completed over 200 business deals. According to, this allowed him to build connections with business deal experts and successfully flip properties. In 2003, he established Charter Funding. Lubar become senior vice president of that company from 2005 to 2007. Since the mortgage industry experienced a financial crisis in 2007 and 2008, he became involved in the construction and demolition. Lubar also was in the entertainment (e.g. nightclub) and recycling industries. Due to his background in various industries, he is an expert in business operations.


Lubar lives in Bethesda, Maryland with his two children. His favorite travel destination is Orange County, California. Lubar’s first school was the Sidwell Friends School in Washington DC. He attended high school at the Peddie School in Hightstown, New Jersey. Lubar got a Bachelor’s degree in speech communication from Syracuse University in 1995. Follow Todd on Twitter.

IDLife Wants To Make Nutrition A Personal Experience

Nutrition isn’t a one size fits all sort of endeavor. It’s something that differs from person to person and it’s important to create diets that are based around that fact. IDLife leads the way towards this with their customized supplement system. When you decide to get IDLife supplements, every single dose is specifically designed for you. That sort of personal nutrition is going to change the way the health industry operates. We’ll have diets made with foods meant to match our bodies natural ways. The unlimited ways you can customize your supplements is exactly why IDLife is where it is today.

Everything Is Custom Tailored

The ambition of IDLife is to give customers something meant for their specific life. We all have different genetics and that often means we have different nutritional needs. Some people may need more vitamin D than others while others may need more zinc. To give us all the ability to thrive we need to have something that will pertain to our specific health needs and give us what we need to keep our bodies in the best shape can possibly be in.

Your Health At Its Finest

The most important thing to take from IDLife is that it works to bring your health to its ideal. You can only do this by looking at your specific lifestyle and by bringing in things that specifically offer you the ability to enjoy your life as you should. With this kind of approach personalized nutrition is helping to advance an entirely new way of thinking. Nobody has ever managed to bring this sort of innovation forward at the same rate IDLife has. People are actually reaching their fitness goals thanks to the effects of the personalized nutrition.

Taking Things Further Along

The future of IDLife looks bright people actually like the work being done here and want to see it continue. The need for personalized nutrition is clearly out there, but there aren’t many companies offering this sort of product. Stepping forward with their own idea has given IDLife the unique opportunity to pioneer and entire market. The results of their efforts are easy to see with so many people happily improving their lives. When you do what’s right for you, the results are always going to come. That’s exactly what these supplements offer people with every single order taken out.

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Sahm Adrangi Speaks on his Time on Wall Street

Sahm Adrangi, the newly retired hedge fund credit trader, and Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management, recently made known his interest in discussing his time as a Wall Street investor, as well as his time at three major hedge funds in New York City. It was after reading the piece, An Ode to Those Who Wander, that Mr. Adrangi’s initial interest was sparked. After contacting the author, Mr. Adrangi began discussing his own experiences, as well as his interests on the latest trends regarding GNC Holdings, Inc.

After graduating from Penn State University, and continuing his education at Yale University, Sahm Adrangi earned a position at the highly-touted Merill Lynch, working at their credit desk in New York City. It was his network abilities, as well as his uninterrupted hustle, that allowed him to gain the position. Mr. Adrangi followed up his three-year career at Merill Lynch, by securing a position at Longacre, for which he was able to bring the company $6 billion throughout the course of his employment. Ironically, it was during his time at Longacre, that Mr. Adrangi founded the mid-level hedge fund company, Kerrisdale Capital Management. Over the course of his time working on Wall Street, Sahm Adrangi was very successful overall, but eventually tired of the complex New York lifestyle associated with the position and decided to retire. Although he still enjoys investing, and a large portion of his current income is a result of his astute business acumen during his time on Wall Street, he has found his new career choice equally satisfying.

Since founding Kerrisdale Capital Management in 2009, Sahm Adrangi has been very involved in nearly all aspects of the company’s development, helping it to grow significantly over the course of that time. Aside from his lucrative career in investments, Mr. Adrangi garnered a strong reputation for the accuracy of research that he has published, and between 2010 and 2011, was responsible for exposing several fraudulent Chinese companies. Of the major corporations that he exposed with his research, a few that stand out are Lihua International, China Marine Food Group, and China-Biotics.

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Brazilian Investment Banker Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is a finance professional based in Brazil. He has spent a number of years working in the investment banking field. Cornelsen has also been involved in consulting in the field of finance as well. During his career, he has been able to distinguish himself as one of the leading experts in the stock market and commodities.

With his expertise, he was able to help a number of investors more efficiently manage their portfolio and get higher returns. The expertise of Igor has allowed him to establish himself as a well known finance professional through entrepreneurship. He founded his own firm known as Bainbridge Group Inc.

At the beginning of his finance career, Igor Cornelsen worked in the investment banking field. When working in this field, he would help make deals that would help companies merge as well as acquire investment options that were very helpful in terms of reaching their goals.

Cornelsen spent many years helping companies raise capital by investing in commodities and stocks that would allow them to become more prosperous entities. After working in the investment banking field for a number of years, Igor would then move on to entrepreneurship and consulting. These experiences would help him enhance his career as a finance expert.

Cornelsen founded the finance firm known as Bainbridge Capital after working in the investment banking field for most of his career. At Bainbridge Capital, Igor would continue to provide advice and services to a number of different investors. Read more:  Igor Cornelsen Identifies 5 Ways Businesses Can Organize To Be More Successful

PR Newswire revealed that Igor Cornelson would often help companies that were looking to acquire more capital and make better investment decisions for their financial future. Along with helping companies, Cornelsen would also assist individual investors who were looking to enhance their net worth and savings. Today, his firm is rated as among the most reputable financial services firms in Brazil.

As well as being an entrepreneur, Igor also spends his time as a consultant. When he works as a consultant, he offers advice to investors on things such as what stocks to invest in as well as what commodities will be beneficial to acquire.

With his expertise as a consultant, Igor is in position to help a number of investors get more out of their investment portfolio. Consulting has given Igor yet another way to provide expert advice to those who are looking to secure their financial situation.