The Life and Legacy of Stephen Murray

Co-founder of CCMP and well known philanthropist, Stephen Murray was educated at Boston College and graduated in 1984 with a degree in economics. He went on to earn a master’s degree from Columbia Business School, specializing in business administration. The knowledge he acquired at these institutions on would serve him in his professional endeavors later in life.

While still studying at Boston College, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital began training as a credit analyst at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation, where he began working in 1989, as part of their equity and finance unit, MH Equity Corporation. When this company eventually merged with Chemical and later Chase Bank, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital stayed on board until 2005. At this point, Murray became the head of the buyout business at JP Morgan Partners.

JP Morgan allowed Murray to start his own company, CCMP Capital. It is a spinoff of JP Morgan on that combines the two areas Murray worked most often in: equity and buyout. Created in August 2006, and in 2007 Murray was named CEO.

In addition to serving on the board for CCMP, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital served for various companies on the executive boards. Additionally, Murray was an active philanthropist. Murray gave generously to his alma maters, Boston College and Columbia Business School, as well as the Make a Wish Foundation, Stamford Museum, and food banks.

In 2015, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital retired for health reasons, and eventually passed away in March of the same year. His death was the result of an illness. He is survived by his wife and four children, and remembered fondly for his business acumen by his former partners. Among his notable achievements were raising over $3.6 billion in revenue for CCMP in 2014.

Darius Fisher and Unfavorable Photos

Darius Fisher, being the founder of Status Labs understands that anything can cause a problem with one’s reputation. Darius Fisher knows about plenty of ways to deal with photos online. Often times, when one sends a photo online, someone can hack the photo and send it around. One way to deal with bad photos is to act quickly to make sure the views are minimized by contacting administrators and having the material removed under DMCA. One can also use the help of Status Labs founded by Darius Fisher in order to come up with strategies in order to come up with something that improves reputation.


Darius Fisher has developed his digital crisis and public relations firm with the intention of handling issues like this. He has a staff full of experts that are experienced with SEO and digital marketing. They know how to produce new and optimized content for their clients so that any bad report will be eventually taken out of the front page. The search engines often hold results in their place for a long time until newer information is available about the client. For this reason, they work on trying to bring about more flattering news about the client.
Among the types of content that Darius Fisher deals with for his clients are images that could ruin the reputation of his clients. He not only does what he can to have them removed, but he also advises people on what to do in order to avoid any trouble that could be caused from unflattering images. Darius Fisher and his staff at Status Labs have much needed understanding on how to deal with potential threats to reputation.

You Can Put your Trust in Wen by Chaz

Emily McClure has thin hair, a super-busy life, and a real passion for beauty products. She’d heard the hype about Wen: how the non-shampoo cleanser/conditioner/styling product could transform ordinary hair into a glorious mane of luscious locks. So she decided to give Wen by Chaz a try, but not a casual one. Emily set up a documented testing to see if the Fig variety of WEN could really do what it claimed and make her hair thoroughly loveable. The answer? According to the article Emily published on (, Wen by Chaz Dean really works, but you have to be careful how you use it.

At the time, the product seemed to be working, giving her hair body and bounce. The next morning, however, she was less than thrilled: her hair felt heavy and greasy at the roots. Not to be daunted, Emily tried the product during a morning shower and was delighted with the results: a head full of healthy, shiny, bouncy locks. After several more days of experimentation, she concluded that, for her, Wen ( was an excellent product if used on a daily basis and after a morning shower. The message? Experiment for yourself and see how Wen by Chaz works for your hair. Chances are you’ll be thrilled.
Wen by Chaz was developed by Chaz Dean for the celebrities flocking to the tranquility of his purposely low-key Hollywood salon. Believing passionately that natural is best and that harsh chemicals have no place in his beauty products, Chaz created a gentle cleansing treatment that would eliminate the sulfates found in ordinary shampoo. Wen by Chaz cleans, conditions, deep-conditions, and detangles the hair, at the same time working as a leave-in conditioner to give body and lustrous sheen. It’s a revolutionary product created by a revolutionary genius of hair-care.

Why Kyle Bass Is Suspicious

It’s not just that his last name could be confused with a fish; Bass’ fishiness goes much deeper. The man is from Argentina, a country run by Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, a socialist despot that has defaulted her own homeland twice in thirteen years. Bass supports everything she does politically or financially, even though her leadership is so terrible there are going to be multiple choice tests about it for children of the future in history class. Yet Bass supports her. Would one expect someone supporting such a terrible socialist regime to live in Texas? No–not unless that individual were in some way using Texas as a front, or a cover. This seems to be the case with Bass, who runs his hedge fund out of Dallas. Bass also runs CAD, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. CAD uses political pressure from a special-interest group to force big-ticket pharmaceuticals into devaluing the cost of their medications, thus decimating their profits and stock value. Bass short-sells his holdings with whichever pharmaceutical organization he’s attacked the moment their stock drops and makes millions in the process. Who is ultimately hurt by this? The sick and the infirm who were just months away from a breakthrough cure, and now will have to wait another decade while the pharmaceutical who could have produced it gets their legs under them again.  The whole thing was exposed in detail in Kyle Bass: The Frantic Investments of a Desperate Gambler.

Kyle Bass doesn’t care, though. He hit the ground running in 2008. He became famous for predicting the sub-prime lending crisis would lead to financial collapse, but there’s a very high likelihood he was one of the reasons the collapse happened the way it did. Kyle Bass’ former employer was Bear-Stearns. After he was no longer working with Bear-Stearns, he let a journalist at CSPAN know information about friction between Bear-Stearns and Goldman-Sachs, prompting that journalist to ask a leading question on the air intimating that Goldman-Sachs had lost their confidence in Bear-Stearns. This wasn’t the case, but the report was live and everyone on Wall Street acts quickly, or they don’t act. Bear-Stearns collapsed by the end of the week and was absorbed by Goldman-Sachs.

All these things are incredibly suspicious–in a word, they’re fishy–and seem to indicate Bass has ulterior motives informing his financial decisions.

Talk Fusion Offers Quality Technology To Businesses Large And Small

Talk Fusion is the leader in cutting edge video technology that helps users around the world through video technology. The company has always had a vision of doing it bigger and better than its competitors. The introduction of video email services in 2007, helped elevate the company’s platform along with other video and marketing solutions. According to Forbes Magazine, Talk Fusion’s products are simple but at the same time, the video email has a certain wow factor.

The genius behind Talk fusion is marketing entrepreneur Bob Reina. After several years in law enforcement, Reina decided to do something new. After being introduced to network marketing in the early 90s, Reina decided to go out on a limb and leave behind a steady paycheck. He hired several technology experts, and not long after, Talk Fusion was born. “Many people called me crazy for jumping into the unknown,” says Reina. I wanted to prove what I was told couldn’t be done could be done.

His big idea of putting a 10 second video into email was something he was determined to do. After the idea was conceived and perfected, the rest is history. Reina is now considered a pioneer in the industry and well respected for his contributions in the field.

Talk Fusion’s technology is forcing small businesses to change their operational style. “Video technology like Talk Fusion’s definitely helps attract more attention,” says David Kale of Kale Designs.

Marc Sparks Offers Tips for Success to New Entrepreneurs

Marc Sparks is a successful businessman and a well-known venture capitalist. He currently lives in Dallas, Texas. His claim to fame is that he has been very successful raising money, from investors, for several business projects.

He started and runs Timber Creek Capital in Texas. He has been successful working with on projects in a number of different industries. Marc would like to share his expertise and experience with other people looking to finance business projects.

Marc Sparks believes in sharing his success with those in his community. He supports many charities around the Dallas, Texas area. He supports local homeless shelters, Habitat for Humanity, and several local high schools in his community.

In addition to helping those in his area who are less fortunate, Marc is interested in helping entrepreneurs get the financial backing for their projects. He believes that one of the major mistakes new entrepreneurs make is that they don’t have a plan. Investors want to know what they’re investing in and how they’re going to make money from the project.

In his Twitter page, Marc believes that coming up with a meaningful presentation that is to the point is the key to success in selling a business idea to venture capitalists. He stresses that every visual must have a key point. It is important not to waste the investors time. Get to the point quickly. Use your data to make a legitimate point of how your product or idea is going to generate revenue.

He recommends that you keep your presentation simple and on target. Don’t make things too complex.  Sell your product to the investors. Following these guidelines will greatly increase your chances of a positive outcome.


Wen by Chaz is changing Lives

Getting your hair in the best possible condition is an absolute struggle. Millions of people struggle with thin hair, which lacks bounce, shine, and volume. People throughout the healthcare industry have struggled to find the hair care solution to thin hair. One solution that hit the ebay online market recently is Wen by Chaz. Wen by Chaz is a new conditioner, and it promises to allow thin haired people to receive the hair they deserve. have reviewed Wen and they have raved about this product. Recently, a writer at Bustle decided to try WEN for a week and see what the fuss is about.

When the writer started using WEN, her hair was greasy and unruly. She was upset and insecure about her hair, but she felt optimistic about the process. The first day displayed instant results, giving her hair bounce and shine. She was truly impressed by the results. Over the course of the week, the writer used Wen everyday without fail. Every day brought on improvement in her hair.

Keeping your hair in top shape is a major priority for most people, but many are not blessed with thick voluptuous hair. Thin and frizzy hair has long been an issue, but Wen may solve the issue. This special formula acts as your shampoo and conditioner. You must use it everyday, and you have to use a lot, but the formula gets results. Wen continues to get the results that people crave.

The beauty industry is evolving, and people will be impressed with the latest products. WEN is an amazing product that will change the way people perceive themselves. This product will turn bad hair days around.