Kheradpir’s Rise to Coriant


Optical transport vendor giant, Coriant, has recently named Shaygan Kheradpir as its new CEO and Chairman of the Board. He has recently come off a short tenure as CEO of Juniper Network Inc. He will be replacing Pat DiPietro as CEO of Coriant who will be taking on the role of company vice president and resuming his former role as acting partner of Marlin Equity Partners, Coriant’s owning company. The management of Marlin were already personally familiar with Kheradpir’s leadership style, having hired him to their senior management team shortly after he left Juniper.

Incidentally, he held the acting partner role and would just do a position switch with DiPietro when he took over as CEO. But Kheradpir has a lot more leadership than just with Juniper and Marlin. He has over 28 years of it in a variety of different industries. He began his leadership career by earning a B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. in engineering from Cornell. He entered the professional world of leadership with a position at GTE. His greatest success may be leading GTE’s creation, the new Verizon Communications, to be one the leading telecommunications companies in history.

After founding the company, GTE made Kheradpir its EVP & CIO and part of its executive team. After several immensely successful years with them, he joined the executive team at Barclays Bank. At Barclays he was made Chief Operation and Technology Officer and a part of the executive team. His greatest accomplishment while with Barclays was assisting with the formation of the historical TRANSFORM program. During his short stay with Juniper in 2014, he developed an Integrated Operating Plan for the company.
Girded with his vast leadership experience, the management of Marlin and Coriant are very optimistic that he will be able to drive the already high growth even higher. And their hopes will probably be proven valid. Coriant has a number of very powerful competitors. Kheradpir will helm the ship as they battle them. In addition to his professional work, Kheradpir also sits on the boards of the U.S. National Institute of Standards & Technology and the Cornell University Engineering Council.

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How To Create A Shopping List With Slyce did not actually make up their own app to search for items, but they did decide to purchase the Pounce app for that purpose. They have their own proprietary technology that will be used for the searches that must be done, and they have put it in the Pounce app that people can search for the items they want in seconds. Making a shopping list is a lot easier because people can search for items through the app, and then they will be able to use the app to make choices that are conducive to their shopping needs.

The searches in the app will return thousands of results, and the results can be used to make decisions about shopping for the future. That means that all the people who are using the app will be able to go back and look over their searches, and they will still get the same results they got the first time. Someone who wants to buy right now can get those items with their phones, but people who want to wait can make shopping lists out of their searches. They just go back and look over every search to buy an item.

The person that want to shop easily online should start making purchases online with the Pounce app. The app is powered by Slyce search technology, and the app provides people with an outlet for making their shopping happen a lot faster. Someone who is interested in making a shopping list can do it all with pictures, and they could app to it at any time. They might want to search for something that they just found, or they are searching for something that matches or compliments the things they already have. Slyce image search technology speeds up the shopping process for everyone.

Benefits of Raw Shea Butter

EuGenia is a Greek word that stands for “origin of goodness.” EuGenia Shea is a family oriented social enterprise renowned for their natural Shea butter products equitably produced in Ghana.

Crude and unrefined Ghanaian Shea butter encompasses vitamins A and E which assists the skin to rejuvenate and reduce scar tissue and stretch It is also an unsurpassed natural moisturizer.

EuGenia incorporates 95% pure Shea butter to their products as opposed to competitors who use only 25% of Shea butter in their commodities in the beauty care industry.

The ingredients in Shea butter cream parallels cocoa butter, Shea oil which is the byproduct of Shea butter, excessive in necessary fatty acids, Baobab Oil with nourishing vitamins A,D,E,F extracted from the Baobab tree also known as “tree of life” which accelerates collagen formation. The third ingredient is Moringa Oil,an antioxidant rich and essential oil originated from the Moringa Oleifera Tree indigenous to Ghana and to scent their products they use essential oils formulated from fruits and various plants which have created the lavender and grapefruit fragrance.

Their three skin nourishing formula Shea butter emollient are everyday Shea which contains only some Shea butter, pregnancy strength which encompasses more Shea and dermatologist strength which has the most Shea content.

Shea butter aka “Karite” is derived from the Shea Nut Tree native to western region of Africa. The fruit of these trees contain a nut which through a chemical process extracts the material which releases the Shea butter. It actually takes 40 to 50 years for the tree to harvest and the refining takes place during the rainy season from May to August when the Shea nuts are being reaped.

For centuries Shea butter has been widely used in Africa for their healing properties and is considered to be a priceless catalyst for internal and external cleansing. The benefits include profound skin hydration, alleviates wrinkles, diminishes burns and scars, safeguards the skin and hair, cures eczema and dermatitis, moisturizes dry scalp, stimulates hair growth and is used as a nasal decongestant.

Characteristically, Shea butter is useful in its potency for 12 to 15 months after harvesting.

Creating A Beautiful Life For Others

Dr. Jennifer Walden is from the Austin, TX, area. She left her hometown roots to pursue a career in surgery and has since been named one of the best beauty surgeons in the country. Walden has worked with some of the top plastic surgeons while she has been away from Austin. She has written articles that have appeared in nationally recognized magazines, and she has appeared on several television shows to discuss plastic surgery.

Walden is one of the women who you think of when you hear the words caring and quiet. While she has an introverted demeanor, she makes sure her patients understand the risks and the benefits of plastic surgery. With each surgical procedure, she wants her patients to feel like they have made the right decision. Walden wants to do everything possible to improve the looks of her patients whether it’s because of a desire to boost the self-esteem or to correct an issue that has resulted because of an injury or a health condition.

Dr. Walden has always been around the medical world as her father was a dentist and her mother worked as a nurse in the surgical department of a hospital in Austin. She has four brothers and sisters and thinks of her mother as the person who inspired her to become involved in the medical field.

When Walden reached her 30s, she knew that she wanted to have a family. She wasn’t married, so she decided that in-vitro fertilization was the option for her. She now has twin boys who are her life. Walden has a lot of support from her mother, family members and a few nannies so that she can still work as a plastic surgeon to help others have a beautiful life as well.


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How to Create Great Bed Time Hairstyles Using Wen by Chaz

Many women who care about the health of their hair spend enormous amounts of time styling their hair for day time wear, but neglect the hair at bed time. Most women only consider the health of their hair during waking hours and often forget that hair still needs to be nourished and pampered during the 8 to 10 hours that they spend sleeping. This problem occurs because of the lack of understanding of the process that hair undergoes during the sleep cycle. While women sleep, their bodies and hair are involved in a intricate cycle in which they are rejuvenated and fully prepared for another day. Because of this cycle, it is important to style the hair in a proper fashion so that it can fully receive the benefits that the body provides during the sleep cycle.

By using a quality hair care product like WEN Hair by Chaz, consumers can properly prepare the hair for a bed time friendly hairstyle and routine. In one recent review of the hair care line, Wen by Chaz, one Amazon reviewer described the amazing results she found by using the product for only one week. These results can be found by anyone who uses this product and it is because of results like these that the Wen hair care system is recommended for use in bedtime routines.

After applying a generous amount of the Wen hair [] by Chaz leave in conditioner, the hair should be manipulated into a style that guarantees that a generous amount of moisture will remain in the hair upon waking. The styling choice should be dictated by the hair type of the individual. Individuals with straight hair will have minimal moisture escaping the hair and should simply apply the conditioner and use a cover for the hair, while curly haired individuals should style the hair in twists or braids before covering the hair. Wen hair products are sold on Sephora.


Wiki Editors Help Maintain Robbie Brady’s Page

Wikipedia pages can be a great way to advertise a business or promote a person. Robbie Brady, who scored the winner against Italy in Euro football 2016, knows first hand how important (and funny) a Wikipedia page can be. After his victory, his fans took to his page between 10 pm and midnight to edit a Wikipedia page. Luckily, moderators were there to fix it back. The fans were showing how thrilled they were with Robbie’s big win, but he luckily had moderators to maintain his online reputation. Online reputations are important for individuals, especially those in the limelight. 

The moderators were quite busy, fixing almost 100 Wiki edits in about two hours. Wiki pages are great promotional material, however, they can not be left alone. An editor or moderator needs to be hired in order to maintain the integrity of the page. Robbie Brady is a shining example, an extreme one, of how to make a Wiki page can help to promote a person. His wiki experience shows how important editors and moderators are to maintaining the online presence desired by the individual or company. 

For an individual looking to create a reputation or businesses looking for advertising, you can hire a Wikipedia editor from a service like Get Your Wiki has professionals ready to help them create, edit, and update a Wikipedia page. The Wikipedia editing service comes in handy when they are trying to maintain a particular reputation. Get Your Wiki will help them to monitor their page, so that they will not have any unsavory information posted. More information can be found at Get Your Wiki.