Richard Blair Shares 3 Tips For Homeowners Looking To Rent On Airbnb

Richard Blair is an investment advisor who has been in the finance industry for almost 30 years. His number one goal is and has always been to provide the best possible advice to those seeking to make a significant and positive change in their lives. His commitment to financial and investment planning is what makes him stand out in the crowd.

He is constantly educating himself on what’s going on in the market so he can advice his clients on which strategies they should use to meet their financial goals. With that being said, if you are considering renting your home on Airbnb, Richard Blair has 3 tips for you to follow.

#1 – Consider The Risks

Before you list your home on Airbnb, take the time to consider all potential risks. Most people fail to realize that as the homeowner, you are the one who will be held liable for injuries to guests, damage to the property or any illegal activity that takes place on the property.

#2 – Find Out If Your Insurance Covers Short Term Rentals

Most homeowners insurance policies do not cover short term rentals. That means any expenses that are incurred will ultimately come out of your pocket.

#3 – Make Sure You Understand How Airbnb Host Protection Works

After a few scary incidents Airbnb now offers all hosts what is known as Host Protection Insurance. Host Protection Insurance provides all hosts with up to $1,000,000 in primary liability coverage for incidents related to an Airbnb stay.

And while this may sound good, Blair advises homeowners to be careful. With all the exclusions, conditions and limitations associated with the protection, chances are it won’t cover you when you need it. That’s why it is so important you take the time to understand how it works. You want to make sure you are properly covered before you let anyone rent out your home.

More About Richard Blair

From a very young age Richard Blair loved learning. Growing up in a family full of he teachers he was able to experience first hand the power of education and how it can change ones life.

In 1993 after graduating college he immediately started working in the finance industry. A year later in 1994 he opened Wealth Solutions so that he could provide all of his clients with objective and unbiased financial advice.

Over the years he has helped thousands of individuals avoid the common pitfalls of retirement and financial planning. To learn more about Richard Blair visit

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Organizing Some Fun With Event Planners

People love to have fun. However, in order to provide a platform for fun, it is important to have it planned out. For people that aren’t very experienced in this area, party planning can be very stressful. For one thing, it can be easy to make some mistakes that can cause a lot of problems in the overall event. Fortunately, Lauren Conrad herself has gained experience in this activity. She even has some advice for people to follow when it comes to party planning. She advises people to let some of the pressure go when it comes to planning a party. The audience can feel the pressure and that could take away from the fun that is had at the party.

One way to take away from the pressure is by going to a professional event planner for the events. Among the most trusted event planners in NYC is Twenty Three Layers. The professionals that work in this company have a lot of experience with events. They have planned many events of many sizes and duration. People who go to events planned by 23 Layers will walk away with some great memories. They know how to handle many different themes as well as other aspects of the party.

23 Layers offers a lot of services for people that are looking to make the most of their events. They are also willing to help with services that happen during the event as well as after the event. For the professionals of 23 layers, event planning does not stop when the party begins. Event planning lasts all the way through cleaning up. This is why 23 Layers is the event planning company in NYC that one should go to for all of their needs. With 23 Layers, they will make a lot of memories.

IAP Worldwide Is A Leader In The World of Emergency Response

While many companies can say that they work in the area of providing emergency response services to communities grappling with the aftermath of natural disasters not many of those companies can say that they started out helping to support the nation’s efforts to launch human beings into space. The company that the world knows today at IAP Worldwide Services is the offspring of a company known as Pan Am World Services, Inc. that was actually launched in 1953. During its lifespan Pan Am World Services used its expertise to enable testing for 2,500 launches. The space launch complex that Pan Am World Services built and managed was actually the very first space launch complex that was built in the United States. The complex is still there today where IAP Worldwide Services is headquartered in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Today the company has built upon its expertise in the aviation and engineering sector and through a number of strategic expansion initiatives developed the varied skill sets that enables them to be a leader in the emergency response sector.

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IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. – Facebook

IAP Worldwide Services experience working in difficult environments has given its emergency response professionals the tools they need to provide support in situations where there is great human need. IAP Worldwide Services has been called upon to offer its skills in dire situations such as the emergency situation created by the 2012 storm known as Hurricane Sandy. Through strategic planning and management IAP was able to send two teams to help members of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers deliver vital services to people who had been impacted by the storm. During the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy IAP Worldwide called upon the logistics professionals it employs to tackle the challenge of gathering and moving 40 truck loads of bottled water in just one day. Overall IAP Worldwide Services was able to deliver more than 500 tractor trailers containing bottled water that was earmarked for distribution to people impacted by the storm who lived in states like West Virginia, New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts. IAP Worldwide Services also helped to mobilize critical resources like mobile power generation for the US Army Corps of Engineers. IAP helped serve victims of the storm by overseeing the installation and maintenance of hundreds of generators. These generators were responsible for enabling the operation of important services like transportation hubs such as New York City’s subway, healthcare facilities, businesses located on Wall Street and residential areas.

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Wessex Institute of Technology Recap

Commonly identified as Wessex Institute or by its abbreviations WIT, Wessex Institute of Technology is an institute offering both research and educational degrees which are in high demand in the job market. The institute is located amongst the New Forest Park, England. The Park lies South of England and was initially a hunting ground for the royal family some hundred years back as it provided a home to wild animals and picturesque villages. The Scientific community benefits a lot from the existence of this Institute as its presence allows research to be done effectively to produce positive results.
The main objective of Wessex Institute is to provide a knowledge transfer for exchange of information from between experts and academics within the Institute. With a dedicated team and staff at the Institute’s disposal, all activities and goals are achievable. The feedback forwarded by companies all over the world after incorporating a member from the Institute is positive as it gives kind remarks about their performance. WIT has been in existence for two decades since it was established in 1986 by Professor Carlos.
Some of the programs offered by the institute include graduate programs, software services, research, corrosion, and engineering, among others. All these activities can be categorized into three classes, namely; Conference, publishing and Research. When dealing in research, Wessex Institute has been on the forefront in producing good and commendable results, consequently leading to funding from research organizations and other companies. All the support and resources they need is therefore at their disposal to ensure that they continue with their tireless efforts to transform the world to a better place.
Each year the Institute holds conferences where people from all walks of life around the world come and conjugate in one place agreed upon by the stakeholders with one sole purpose that is the transfer of knowledge. Knowledge is exchanged, and people can learn new things from these conferences. The conferences are made in conjunction with other organizations and universities. After the conferences, WIT press publishes all the activities and discussions that take place and pass the information to the general public that was not in attendance so that they become aware. To learn more about the Wessex Institute of Technology and their ranking, visit their Wikipedia page.

Kabbalah Centres Encourages a Practical Learning of the Ancient Spirituality

Kabbalah is the oldest source of spiritual wisdom, and it is based on the hidden keys that unlock the secrets of the universe. Kabbalah is also attributed to unraveling the intricacies of the human heart. The teachings of the Kabbalah explains both the seen and the unseen in the universe and the physical and spiritual in the world and its people.

Instead of being a spiritual or religious instruction, Kabbalah is more practical in nature. The study of Kabbalah shows in detail how to overcome and remove every situation in your life that is filled with chaos, pain, or suffering. The teachings reveal how to get through these situations to discover more about oneself. Then, joy is encouraged because it is one of the core emotions.

For thousands of years, the ancient Kabbalists have taught that the potential for greatness exists in every human being. The word Kabbalah means “to receive” and it is taught that a student receives the way to activate that potential. Then, they are able to make better decisions and live better lives.

Kabbalahism has been passed down from generation to generation since time began, but the first Kabbalah Centre was established in 1922 in Israel. Since the Jewish faith and traditions are rooted in Kabbalahism, this was the perfect location. Kabbalah was always intended to be used to bring clarity, understanding, and freedom to its students.

There are 40 Kabbalah Centres around the world They invite everyone, of every race, age, religion or situation to come and learn the ancient truths that are learned and applied today. Kabbalah Centres offer courses, books, video and audio products and a source of fellowship. There are even scholarships for those who have a strong desire to learn and share Kabbalah, and Kabbalah University is taught from Los Angeles on the Internet every day.

Kabbalah is not studied in a scholarly manner. The members of the Kabbalah Centres take the spiritual teachings out into the world through volunteering in their communities, feeding the homeless and other charitable acts. Members also share meals and conversation after classes to unlock the spiritual potential and joy into their lives.

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