Eric Lefkofsky Broke the Mold and Hungers for More

Eric Lefkofsky is mostly known for his success as a businessman. Many know his name because of his impressive net worth that was earned at a young age. Lefkofsky is worth about $1.7 billion, which is something that he is proud of, but it does not define him. There is a lot more to Lefkofsky that people should pay attention to.


An Upbringing Worth Noting


Lefkofsky’s father worked as an engineer, and his mother was a teacher. Teaching runs in the family because his younger sister also followed in her mother’s footsteps. The billionaire’s brother wanted to be a lawyer, and that is exactly what he did. Lefkofsky had similar aspirations akin to his brother, as he also received his Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan.


It would be easy to assume that this businessman would simply become a lawyer like his brother, but he had other things in mind.


Breaking the Mold


No one can deny that the internet has opened up a whole new world. No one could have imagined how quickly the world would change when the world wide web was introduced, but it definitely revolutionized the way people live. This was something that Lefkofsky and one of his dearest friends wanted to be a part of. The pair had a few ideas, and they tried them out to see if any of them would worked. For example, they started an online-based t-shirt company. This company did fairly well but nothing close to the success that Lefkofsky and his friend would experience a little later.


The duo tried a few more projects that gave them valuable lessons regarding online businesses. These lessons made them better at what they did. It was around this time that the friends attempted their next big idea, which turned out to be very successful. The idea was for a little site called Groupon, which took the internet by storm. The site was so successful that Google tried to buy the company for $6 billion. This was one of the largest offers Lefkofsky received, but he rejected it.


Some people might think that he refused the offer because he wanted to keep the company all to himself, but that is not the case. He rejected the offer to leave it to investors and stockholders. He wanted to use this exit from Groupon to expand into different sectors. Lefkofsky just wanted to free himself up so that he could cultivate a few ideas that were lying dormant.


One of Eric Lefkofsky’s ideas was called Uptake and the other Tempus. Both companies harnessed the power of big data software but used it differently. For example, Tempus uses the analytical power of the software to help doctors personalize the care of cancer patients. The other company uses the power of big data software to help businesses improve the way they function. The program is meant to point out weaknesses and offer solutions that would improve production in various ways. There is no doubt that this technology is the next big thing, and it is pretty smart.


Many people have their eyes fixated on what Lefkofsky will do next, because he has proven to be a very savvy individual. It is very possible that he is on the verge of the next big thing with some of these new endeavors.

Choosing between annual reporting and short term feedback for businesses; Raj Fernando’s take

A lot has changed in the world of business. The traditional practices that were thought to be the norm, such as annual work cycles that involve reports at an annual general meeting are being phased out by shorter periods for projects and reports that are given at the end of every project. The shorter time tables have proven effective because it does not make much sense to make an annual report when the nature of the work has become short term and project oriented.

We sought the opinion of the CEO at Scoutahead about the changing landscape in the work environment, and he stated that it is true that employers are opting more for the random checks into their worker’s progress. The reasons he gave for the change include the fact that to create the annual reports, the companies have had to use resources such as time, money and labor. Many are finding it unnecessary to keep making expenses that can be avoided altogether, thus improving the bottom line.

Another issue that has been brought out by the annual report is the fact that they are very restrictive in nature. The employees are forced to perform for deadline, or an appraisal as opposed to expressing their talent to the fullest. The working environment becomes a competition as opposed to cooperation, especially between the people who carry out the checks and the people under them. There is also the fact that when these checks are completed some employees end up feeling underappreciated and greatly undervalued.

The Harvard business review has echoed these sentiments. They have stated that research is indicating that annual reports have been ditched for talent development among the staff. The audits carried out show the people most talented for specific projects, which is more beneficial.

About Raj Fernando

Raj is founder and CEO at Scoutahead. He started, developed and sold Chopper trading before starting Scoutahead. He started off as an employee in the Chicago Trade Board and has not looked back since. He focuses on developing great businesses and selling them off when he feels that it is time to move on to other projects.

For more information please visit

How IAP Worldwide Is Offering Solutions To Businesses Organizations In Different Industries

Since establishment, IAP Worldwide has worked on expanding and offering value to its clients. The company is regarded the most committed provider of logistics and technical services on across the U.S. and abroad due to the kind of technological equipment they have adopted, all to help in the process of serving clients in different specialties. IAP Worldwide has worked with the government in various overseas missions offering technical support and logistics services for more than three decades.

As a leader in the industry, IAP Worldwide has also acquired several businesses that have made it possible for the company to increase its addressable market. IAP has also invested in upgrading the skills of its staff through regular training by availing learning resources.

Using natural resources for power generation
Businesses looking for power solutions on Hoovers can enjoy the options offered by IAP Worldwide through the use of natural resources. The company avails expertise that caters for every aspect of power generation that a business may need.

These include permanent and temporary power solutions and they stretch all the way from the use of solar energy to the installation of power generation motors. IAP Worldwide has applied modern concepts in all its projects to ensure clients can get reliable power supply that is cost-effective and friendly to the environment.

Keeping teams connected
Additionally, businesses and government organizations that want to manage their IT and communications are offered awesome support that will keep their teams connected on IAP Worldwide offers secure solutions of connection that are designed to ensure the users present in a system are give a real-time experience. Clients who want to secure their systems can also benefit from the custom encryption solutions IAP Worldwide offers to ensure every process is secured through a strong and unique security system.

Once the communications channels are built, IAP Worldwide also takes up the role of managing the system from time to time. The company has invested heavily in the acquisition of modern equipment that customers can benefit from to detect problems in their networks in time.

Contractor engineering support
Most importantly, IAP Worldwide offers technical support to help businesses and companies in the construction of supply chain management streams and inventory management systems. This support also covers engineering support that ensures the kind of processes used in a system are ideal for heavy use and can serve the needs of the users. Through post-installation support, IAP Worldwide also makes upgrades to match with current technology. Source:,_Inc./Salary

SEC Whistleblower in Representing SEC Whistleblowers

Labaton Sucharow Company has the pleasure to announce that the SEC has rewarded over 17 million dollars to a whistleblower it represented for exposing the rot in the financial service industry. The firm was established the state’s first practice exclusively for representing SEC whistleblowers. The reward remains as the second largest from the SEC Whistleblower Program that has been in operation for the sixth year running now. The program allows qualified whistleblowers to get around twenty to thirty percent of the total monetary sanctions it collects in a successful enforcement action.


The company’s client provided highly eligible information that resulted in sanctions against a key player in the financial market. The client was selected anonymously to protect him and avoid revenge or blackmailing. The SEC doesn’t disclose the specific cases where a whistleblower plays a role in protecting their identity.


What the Future Holds


Labaton Sucharow’s client blew the whistle when the rest in the industry were quiet and continued to mistreat investors. The chair of the company Mr. Jordan A. Thomas said that in the coming years, many of SEC’s critical cases would result from courageous whistleblowers. Thomas also represented the first ever public company officer to receive the award and separately worked on the first case where the SEC charged an employer with revenging against a whistleblower.


The SEC offers due diligence making it possible for whistleblowers to report possible securities violations and opens avenues for people to earn monetary awards. The Congress has formed an Investor Protection Fund to ensure adequate funds are available to support the program and pay for the rewards.


About the Company


Labaton Sucharow has been in the industry for over fifty years now and is one of the first law firms to represent investors, businesses, and consumers in technical securities and litigations. It was the first company to establish services in representing whistleblowers and protecting them against retaliations. The company operates on a leading marketing platform to offer top of the range services and provide unparalleled representation for whistleblowers.


About SEC Whistleblower Lawyers


When you have some critical information about securities violations, you can hire a SEC attorney to represent you and offer extra protection against retaliation. The SEC lawyer helps people who report wrongdoings to get their award and protect their identity. The most important thing is to get one who is qualified and has been offering such services. The Labaton Sucharow law firm can help you with such services to ensure you get your due diligence. Other law firms across the state also have qualified attorneys and lawyers who can offer similar services.

Global Tel*Link Showing Unethical Side On All Fronts, Including Lawsuit Against Securus

There are two companies fighting over government contracts to provide telecommunication services to prisons and jails across the country. These companies exist in every state and have millions of prisoners under their umbrella. But one of these companies is obviously unethical and the other is the exact opposite.


Global Tel*Link is the giant. They pull in over $500 million per year by fixing high prices for prisoners to call their families and loved ones. They have garnered a lot of press recently because of their unethical dealings with their inmates. They have been accused of fraud, price gouging, intentionally terrible customer service, and circumventing regulations. The company’s terrible service can cost families over $300 per week.


The other company, Securus Technologies, has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. They’ve also gone out of their way to be accredited by the BBB. This company runs the largest customer service call center in the industry that is capable of fielding over 2 million calls per month with a first call resolution rate of 99.9%. They offer their inmates video chat services, easy to use payment portals, and an easy to use website for the prisoner’s family and friends at home.


But Global Tel*Link’s lack of ethics extends outside of prisons. They are currently suing Securus for patent infringement concerning voice over Internet protocols. But the lawsuit is just a way to squeeze money out of its competition. Legal fees are expensive and patent lawsuits drag on for years. And it seems Global Tel*Link is just pursuing the lawsuit in order to damage its competition. After the judge shot down 25 of the 27 claims in the lawsuit, Global Tel*Link issued a positive press release. Securus fired back, issuing a correction press release for the whole world to see.


Why Hawks’ Former Management Pursued Insurance Company In A Lawsuit

The Atlanta Hawks has gone to court with details about New Hampshire Insurance for alleged breach of contract. The company had initiated a transaction with the insurance firm and there are claims that were about to be settled, but contrary to the agreement signed earlier, New Hampshire Insurance Company breached the contract. The contract was signed by the former management team of the Atlanta Hawks and among top professionals who oversaw the process is controlling partner Bruce Levenson.

The lawsuit was filed on 13th September in the Superior Court of Fulton. The company is sued for civil action for breaching contract and insurance bad faith. As AHBE describes the process, the company claims the policy was designed to cover employment practices losses like wrongful termination and torts. The court claims that AHBE issued notice on 2nd April, 2015.

According to the current Atlanta Hawks administration, the company has said they are fully aware of the happenings and despite the fact they are tied to it, they are not going to issue comments on the matter since the issue was initiated by a different team.

The confidential documents issued by the court state that the evidence presented is sufficient to qualify for a claim payment from the insurance firm. The refusal of AIG to acknowledge the claim further complicates the situation and gives Atlanta Hawks a better chance to pursue the company in a court of law.

About Bruce Levenson

The former owner of NBA, Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson is also a renowned philanthropist ( and a successful businessman. He once served as the Governor of Hawks from 2004 until his exit and he is the brain behind the formation of the United Communications Group (UCG). Born to Jewish parents, Bruce Levenson spent most of his childhood in Chevy Chase, Maryland. He attended the American University and the Washington University for degrees in Law.



John Goullet’s Entrepreneurial and Leadership Skills

DIVERSANT LLC has named John Goullet as its Principal. Mr. Goullet’s declaration as DIVERSANT’s Principal marks the beginning of the revolution in the tech world as Goullet had recently merged his IT staffing firm, Info Technologies with Diversant Inc., to form DIVERSANT LLC. As an entrepreneur, Mr. Goullet has an extensive knowledge and experience in building IT startups from scratch. For John Goullet, nothing comes easily, and he would want to start from scratch. Over the years, Mr. Goullet takes pride in growing his ventures than taking over the already established companies.

Being an entrepreneur means that you started a venture from scratch and built it into a stable business. Entrepreneurs have unmatched gifts and talents in their respective industries. As an IT staffing professional, Mr. Goullet has handled the IT marketplace with honor, dignity, and respect. Such attributes set Mr. Goullet apart from competitors in the IT marketplace.


DIVERSANT LLC is an IT staffing firm that has set itself apart from the rest in the IT marketplace. At DIVERSANT LLC, IT specialists strive for greatness and meeting specific customer needs by developing personalized solutions and services. DIVERSANT’s motto is “empowered by difference.” As such, DIVERSANT is famous for providing innovative and exceptional results. While other firms remain ordinary and average, DIVERSANT LLC strives to bring a difference and be empowered by the fact. Therefore, the company stands out from the pact amid stiff competition in the Informational Technology industry.

Since its launch in 2010, DIVERSANT LLC has built a lasting relationship with its clients. They have built an excellent reputation as a trustworthy, honest, and hard-working service provider. DIVERSANT LLC leverages its IT consultants experience and knowledge to provide reliable IT solutions across the world. Not to mention, DIVERSANT LLC cares about its customers. The firm recognizes everyone’s contribution towards its success. John Goullet attributes DIVERSANT’s success to team efforts, but not individual efforts. Mr. Goullet integrates DIVERSANT’s guiding principles, and that is why he is so successful. Experts say that DIVERSANT LLC broke the mold when it appointed John Goullet as the Principal. Goullet brings an added layer of expertise to DIVERSANT’s management team.