Doe Deere-the Path to Lime Crime

Doe Deere, also known as the “Queen of Unicorns“, is one that you will definitely want to keep an eye on. From her ever changing hair color to her bold and daring makeup she provides a honestly beautiful example of the importance of being yourself and never giving up.


Let’s Start at the Very Beginning

In a recent interview, Doe Deere took us through her beginnings. Born in Russia and arrived in US at 17 years old. She always had the flair for business, starting her first job as selling temporary tattoos at the age of 13. She can make anything look good, which is why just by modeling her products, she makes them easy to sell. She attributes her career as a musician to help her develop career and marketing skills. Though that’s not the only thing she picked up as a musician.


Partner in Crime

She also found love. She met her husband while they were both in a band together. Writing songs and collaborating has helped them to learn to work well together. Strong when independent, even stronger together.



When you begin something, you start with the basics. Doe didn’t set out to start a major makeup line. She just couldn’t find the colors of makeup that she yearned for. As fashion “fads” come and go, the popularity roller coasters also. When Doe wanted bright and bold colors, the makeup industry only offered beige and nude. So what would a bright minded, business smart young lady do in that situation? She made her own makeup line! Unknowingly, she wasn’t the only one who was bored with the bland colors. Many girls gravitated towards the unique line of makeup she was creating and popular line Lime Crime was born.


Ray of Golden Hope

Lime Crime was started as a hobby, but now has the aspiration to inspire other young ladies to be themselves. To be able to express themselves freely without the fear of opinions of others. Show the world who you are! Your body is the canvass to tell your story. Doe Deere believes that what we put on our bodies, how we do our hair, and what we put on our face is the ultimate way to express ourselves.


Let her inspire you…


Instagram :  @DoeDeere



WEN-Is it Really Worth it?

Most of us have seen the advertisements for WEN hair care products and may be wondering if they actually work. Emily McClure bought from eBay and tried WEN Sweet Almond Mint Conditioner for one week and you can read about what happened in the following article: (You can also read the original article in Bustle here.)

On day one of using Wen hair Sweet Almond Mint Conditioner, Emily noticed that her hair felt thicker and that she didn’t lose as much hair in the shower than usual. After using the product, her hair felt healthy and shiny.

Day two brought greasy feeling roots, but after showering, her hair was once gin shiny and bouncy.

On day three, her roots weren’t as oily as the previous day and after showering, her hair was shiny and bouncy once again.

Emily didn’t have the time to shower on day four and her hair was greasy and unmanageable.

On day five, Emily she had total hair confidence, even though her curls fell more quickly.

On day six, Emily got compliments from Facebook friends on the shininess of her hair and on day seven, her hair was once again looking great.

Overall, WEN Sweet Almond Mint Conditioner was a great product that did deliver the desired results, although you should be prepared to spend a little more time on your beauty routine. It will help to thicken and strengthen your hair.

WEN hair care products are made from all-natural ingredients and are sulfate-free, which means that they won’t strip your hair of its natural oils. These are products that will leave your hair feeling stronger and more manageable without the use of harsh chemicals.

WEN hair care products were created by Chaz Dean, a hairstylist who I very passionate about hair and who has a clientele list that even included celebrities.


Karl Heideck, Respectable And Dependable Litigation Lawyer

Karl Heideck is a respectable and dependable litigation attorney
Karl Heideck is a respectable and dependable litigation attorney

A litigator is a lawyer who takes on cases that will end up in the courts to be tried. Civil litigation is when two or more people are involved in a legal dispute. The litigator or trial lawyer handling the case will represent his or her client in proceedings such as pretrial hearings, arbitration, mediation before administrative mentors or court personnel, as well as hearings and depositions.

Criminal litigation is when a person has been arrested for a crime and needs an attorney to be defended in the courts. Individuals will experience great stress after being arrested and will need to have their rights protected. A good litigator or trial lawyer will know how to represent your case aggressively in court. Civil and criminal litigators will develop your case from the beginning until a final decision is reached for your case.

Karl Heideck specializes in compliance practices and risk management in the Greater Philadelphia Area. Karl is also very well versed with legal writing, product liability, legal research corporate law, and commercial litigation and employment law. He has been practicing law for over ten years. Karl Heideck pursued Literature and English at Swarthmore College before joining Tempe University Beasley School of Law. He graduate with honors from Tempe University Beasley School of Law.

Karl is an experienced litigation lawyer who offers outstanding legal guidance and advice to all his clients. He works with his clients to develop strong strategies to meet all their legal needs for their case. Karl Heideck will investigate and research all the circumstances about his client’s case. Karl Heideck will have experts gather the evidence and asses the case before making any decisions about the perfect strategy to use in the case. The gathering of statements from witnesses, collecting documents, and then talking to his client are the important steps to be taken in defending his clients in any litigation action.

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