Malcolm CasSelle: Introducing the Future of Online Gaming

For over a decade, Malcolm CasSelle has been focusing on being an independent entrepreneur and as the president of WAX, more commonly known as the Worldwide Asset Exchange). WAX is the largest online trading portal which allows online gamers to trade or sell their items in exchange of cryptocurrencies. Using their latest block chain technology, WAX is able to create a huge world of virtual traders that keeps n growing each day. Malcolm CasSelle stated that WAX has already changed the way online gamers play, and because of the increasing value of their virtual economy, WAX is transforming into one of the most profitable companies on the planet. Aside from serving as the president for WAX, Malcolm CasSelle is also working with OP Skins, where he is serving as the chief investment officer. His responsibility includes being the forefront of buying and selling items originating from online video games.

Malcolm CasSelle has an extensive portfolio, and he had been with several companies before the establishment of WAX. He had been the president and the CTO of a technology company called Tronc, known previously as Tribune Publishing. His responsibility with Tronc is to oversee how the company’s digital assets are performing, and he is also responsible for thinking ways on how he can make their digital assets grow. Malcolm CasSelle also built several digital startups after graduating from MIT Stanford University, and one of the most popular companies that he helped build were MediaPress and Xfire. He also co-founded Groupon and Tencent, which later on become popular internationally. Aside from setting up digital startups, Malcolm CasSelle also invested in some technology corporations like Facebook and Zynga. He is currently investing some of his money on cryptocurrencies, particularly bitcoin. Outside his home country, Malcolm CasSelle worked with Hong Kong based entrepreneurs to establish PCCW, a telecommunications company that is currently valued at $35 billion.

Because of the successful transition of his career, more business people are becoming interested in what he is offering. Malcolm CasSelle stated that managing WAX is difficult, but he will do his best to succeed because he believes that the integration of cryptocurrency and digital trading is the future of online gaming.

The Positive Impact of the DACA Program in the United States

A group of Republican Party members and supporters have been continuously working to ensure that the government abolishes the DACA program. Hundreds of thousands of immigrant youths are currently beneficiaries of the plan, and they have been getting the news of its termination through various organizations. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) was established by the Obama administration to ensure that undocumented youths who had specific qualifications were allowed to live in the U.S, have a social security number, and also be offered jobs. DACA beneficiaries are required to renew their memberships after every two years. A couple of American states allow immigrants who are covered by the program to have driver’s license and also access in-state tuition.

This year, Texas A.G. Ken Paxton wrote a letter to the government demanding for the abolition of DACA before September 5. In his letter, Paxton stated that he would file a lawsuit if the program were not terminated. DACA will be ended in a gradual manner to avoid any form of chaos. The Trump administration is currently not accepting any new applications and individuals whose membership expires will not be allowed to renew. One Republican governor and 9 Republican A.Gs approved the demands of A.G Paxton.

The current secretary of Homeland Security, John Kelly, recently met with members of the Hispanic community in a closed-door meeting. Kelly believes that over 800,000 undocumented persons have registered for the DACA program. According to him, many American citizens have filed lawsuits seeking the termination of DACA. Immigrants knew that this day would come, but the news from John Kelly worried them more. DACA has functioned for about five years, and it has been quite beneficial to the people of the United States. Statistics indicate that approximately 95 percent of the individuals who benefit from the program study and work in the country. They pay millions of dollars to higher learning institutions to get an education. Most of these people are very hard working, and they pay high taxes to the government. Research shows that DACA beneficiaries mostly spend their money on education, opening businesses, as well as acquitting cars and homes.

DACA was very successful in the United States. Its abolition has scared many dreamers since they might be deported from the country. Young immigrants have strived to protect the program, but they have failed. Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is determined to offer any significant support to beneficiaries of DACA.