Why Bridget Scarr Should Be An Inspiration To People

Entrepreneurship has been highly applauded for its enormous benefits. Bridget Scarr is one example of an entrepreneur who branched out to start her own company which is on the right track. Being self-employed is mentally gratifying, and you become at peace with yourself. It makes you appreciate the businessmen around. Bridget Scarr has been a public figure involved in creative content and digital production.

Bridget Scarr has her unique attributes. She has worked on numerous projects involving production such as animation. She mainly has a keen interest in virtual reality. For her, virtual reality is a huge deal as it helps people relate to it as if it is real. All this is possible through technology which she highly recommends.

Currently, she is the executive producer at Colibri Studios which is where her ideas are actualized. Scarr believes that her greatest asset is her creativity. Her main department is overseeing content development, strategy, and the company’s partnership deals.

For Scarr, the afternoons are mainly for contacting potential partners and clients. The focus is mostly on getting partners who will bring in unique ideas that will help in keeping Colibri ahead of the rest. One of her creative content involves a combination of augmented reality with history education.

Her motivation at work comes from spending time with her family. She firmly believes that family is crucial in one’s life. Every day she has to commute back home during lunch hours to take lunch with her family: her son and partner.

Where does she derive her motivation from? Majorly, spending time with her family helps her be at peace which in turn helps her mind come up with creative content. Another source of inspiration is once the day at work is done, during the night when she has time, she watches any of the latest movie series so that she can source more ideas from there.

Meditation is another integral part in Bridget’s life. The joy that it brings her is immeasurable. She highly encourages people to practice meditation as it helps in making you more relaxed. It also helps in making one more focused. Scarr never goes to work without her daily dose of meditation.

Bridget has not had an uphill climb in a day. She has worked her way through challenges and eventually, it has paid off. Her team shares the same objectives as the company hence ensuring that it keeps on improving day by day.


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