Rodrigo Terpins: the Breakthrough Rally Driver of the Century

In the just concluded 22nd edition of Sertoes Cross Country event, Rodrigo Terpins emerged among the top 5 competitors in this event. Even as the 2600 kilometer off road event had only seven stages and two states, to embark, the competitors faced a lot of adversities ranging from rugged terrains to the hostile weather across this stretch. For Rodrigo Terpins and his navigator Fabricio Bianchini, this was their moment of stardom courtesy of their number T-Rex 326 model in the T1 Prototype category. Their favorable 8th position out of the 40 competitors was a clear indication that the test was not only pleasant but also a real achievement for the duo.

Notable Achievements

Coming to the 25th edition of this event marked a lot of improvement for Rodrigo Terpins as the 40-year old driver and his new counterpart Maykel Justo formed the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. Their tenacity, focus, and diligence for this event were just remarkable. Using their T-Rex version, they won 2 out of the possible four stages in the competition. This outstanding achievement managed to put them in a better position to leading the prototype category of the event with an accumulation of 13 hours 52 minutes and 47 seconds. In fact, among their closest challengers and themselves, 2 hours were making them a favorable side in the next stage of the rally.

His Winning Formula

With such accomplishments, Rodrigo Terpins still alludes everything to the long hours and days of practice that have enabled him to reach this far. Since making his debut in the championship in 2002, he has grown from a mere motorcycle driver to one the most decorated rally drivers in Brazil. He acknowledges the role of his brother Machel to the growth of his career. The two brothers together have in the past put spirited efforts in the event in which they have 11 titles from the star-studded Sertoes event. Rodrigo confides to upcoming rally drivers that they need to learn and also share whatever they learn with others since that is the only sure way to ensure you become outstanding in rallying. Just the way Michel Terpins required his support, he had to guide him through to enable him to reach that far. Follow Rodrigo on Facebook.