White Shark Media Leads in Digital Marketing

Small and medium-sized enterprises have been looking for success in all ways possible to ensure they compete effectively in the industry. White Shark Media has come in handy to help any business develop reliable online solutions, which are specifically for the level of individual businesses. It also focuses on developing search marketing campaigns and one-of-a-kind customer experience at an affordable rate. Their marketing tactics and tools have seen the company become the fastest growing digital agency in North America.


Reliable Solutions

Since the company was founded in 2011, it has grown to provide the confidence clients require in the world of marketing. It combines different efforts including the use of proprietary reporting software, competitive intelligence and Google Analytics integration. The focus of the company has been to offer unprecedented services to clients in United State and Latin America. The reliable services focus on SEM and SEO management. Clients who are looking forward to improve their businesses through AdWords management will be impressed by the expertise the professionals have gained over the years. The company also meets Google’s requirements and eligibility standards.

Create Time and Success

White Shark Media, as a premier SMB partner, was created to help companies manage advertising campaigns. It has been successful in helping thousands of business run their marketing strategies more effectively by giving them quality services within a short time. When offering the service, they start with a package of free AdWords performance evaluation. The evaluation includes assessing strengths and weaknesses, and risk-free assessment.

All the services are offered by professionals who are highly skilled and certified by the external and internal standards. Clients can enjoy doubling their income through the quality services of personalized care, quality phone calls and affordable pricing. The company helps clients to assess their campaign performance, check matching keyword, test their advertising strategy, track efforts and optimize the techniques.

A Guide to Build and Maintain Better Online Reputation

According to an article by memeburn, a good online reputation is crucial to any business or individual operating in the sophisticated digital technology era.

Digital technology has enhanced rapid movement of information. It has also enabled people to post their opinions online implying that such posts can be viewed and spread rapidly. Online content that generates wrong ideas about you is, therefore, able to destroy your business and your personal reputation.

Your business rivals or anyone can fight you by initiating negative posts about your business. According to onlinereputationreviews.com, the misleading information and opinions can easily taint your reputation, such that your company will have a negative outlook when searched online.

A better online reputation is crucial for your business and its brands. As a result, you should design your online identity such that you appear confident. A good reputation has a positive impact on your business as it adds value to your brand.

To keep your reputation clean, it is recommended that you search your business regularly on search engines to get an idea of how people view it while online. The search results you find are what people see when they search you.

To build and maintain a clean online reputation, one can opt to use online reputation management services that optimize and manage search engines. In this way, appropriate content about one’s company appears first in modern search engines. It makes it easier for people searching you online to locate you quickly and acquire relevant information that you would like them to get.

Quality content is essential for a good reputation. You should ensure that existing information on your company is upgraded to make it active, relevant, and worth reading. Additionally, you should keep your online content secure from people who may have intentions to compromise your reputation.

Online reputation can expose your business positively if you create a good brand strategy. Good brand strategies secure you and your business against online attacks that spoil your reputation.

In cases where you receive negative comments that threaten to ruin your reputation, it is advisable that you refrain from fighting back. Instead, identify the cause of the negative information and respond positively.


Wiki Editors Help Maintain Robbie Brady’s Page

Wikipedia pages can be a great way to advertise a business or promote a person. Robbie Brady, who scored the winner against Italy in Euro football 2016, knows first hand how important (and funny) a Wikipedia page can be. After his victory, his fans took to his page between 10 pm and midnight to edit a Wikipedia page. Luckily, moderators were there to fix it back. The fans were showing how thrilled they were with Robbie’s big win, but he luckily had moderators to maintain his online reputation. Online reputations are important for individuals, especially those in the limelight. 

The moderators were quite busy, fixing almost 100 Wiki edits in about two hours. Wiki pages are great promotional material, however, they can not be left alone. An editor or moderator needs to be hired in order to maintain the integrity of the page. Robbie Brady is a shining example, an extreme one, of how to make a Wiki page can help to promote a person. His wiki experience shows how important editors and moderators are to maintaining the online presence desired by the individual or company. 

For an individual looking to create a reputation or businesses looking for advertising, you can hire a Wikipedia editor from a service like Get Your Wiki has professionals ready to help them create, edit, and update a Wikipedia page. The Wikipedia editing service comes in handy when they are trying to maintain a particular reputation. Get Your Wiki will help them to monitor their page, so that they will not have any unsavory information posted. More information can be found at Get Your Wiki.

Online Reputation Management Reviews Simplifies ORM

Online reputation management, sometimes abbreviated as “ORM”, is the management of your reputation, as it shows up in search results. By using an ORM company you can showcase yourself, your brand or your company by managing what appears in the best positions of a search result.
This is a new industry, and in an industry as new as this one is, it can be difficult to obtain information on the companies providing these services. This can make it difficult to select the one that best fits your needs. Fortunately, the website http://onlinereputationreviews.com can simplify the process.
Their team of experts has evaluated the top providers of online reputation management. You can browse their reviews and make a more informed decision on who best suits your needs in ORM.
Corporate executive, celebrities, and dignitaries can all benefit from these services as well as businesses who want to maintain a positive image.
A reputable Online reputation management firm can use a variety of methods to improve public perception by highlighting the client’s positive attributes of an individual, business, or organization. One of the firms reviewed is ReputationDefender, which provides a good case study of these strategies. This website is easy to use. This makes it an ideal starting point for anyone who wishes to keep a strong web presence.
Since early 2016, Online Reputation Reviews has been shedding light on an industry that has been shrouded in secrecy. They provide up to date reviews, and relevant information to anyone who’s considering hiring an ORM company.

Unlock Video Marketing by Using Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is a company that is gaining popularity when it comes to video marketing. It has recently announced its release of a Trial version for its customers. Talk Fusion offers the connection that is required by the clients and ensures that they have accomplished their marketing and communicating duties as needed in the marketing scenario.


Talk Fusion recently announced its much long anticipated trial version that is free for 30 days to its prospective customers. The 30 days trial version will be viewed in nine languages, and it will be available in over 140 countries. There have been clients who have not had a chance of interacting with the products. The Free Trial version will now ensure that they have garnered all the information to help in improving how marketing is done.


Talk Fusion is an online marketing tool that was founded in 2007 by the founder and CEO Bob Reina. It was as a result of trying to get a solution on how to send a video with an email. The attempt to send the mail proved to be tough to other companies. It is due to the attempt to unlock that secret that the CEO found out how easier it can be to send a video in an email. Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion due to curiosity and trying to find a solution for the marketing sector.


Talk Fusion is involved in providing solutions about commercialization. It offers services to all the segments of the economy that need real-time marketing tools. Talk Fusion provides services such as Video email, Video Newsletter, Live meetings, Sign-Up forms and other customized products that are aimed at improving the marketing objectives.


Technology is advancing and growing at a very alarming rate, and the marketing sphere should not be excluded. It is such motivation that makes Talk Fusion and its staff be involved and offer the 30 days Free Trial to all the users who would like to experience how the world has grown over time. The experience will expose individuals who are ready and willing to try and unlock their potential when it comes to marketing with value.


Visual Search Engine Slyce.it Partners With Shoe Carnival


Slyce Inc. has partnered with one of the largest footwear retailers in the US, Shoe Carnival. Together, they will use the Slyce visual search technology to locate and purchase footwear from Shoe Carnival’s online product line. The automated 3D search will allow customers to take a picture, either in the real world or from a secondary source, and locate similar products from Shoe Carnival. The companies are hoping for an intuitive integrated user experience.

Shoe Carnival is hoping the partnership will prove to be innovative, and will give their customers “the most convenient shopping experience possible” according to Kent Zimmerman, the vice president of eCommerce for Shoe Carnival. The technology from Slyce is some of the most impressive on the market, and “offers an exceptionally easy and intuitive experience” according to CEO Mark Elfenbein.

Slyce is a visual search company based in Toronto, ON. Their focus is on mobile product scanners, and they offer the technology to companies for use in their own apps. The technology takes images of barcodes, printed material, or real world images, and runs a comparison against clients images and metadata. It returns results then, to the consumer, with unprecedented accuracy.

Their technology has been used by several large retail brands, and allows consumers an innovative convenience previously unknown on a mobile device, offering almost instant product recognition. The business has a variety of revenue streams, including software licensing and integration, direct purchase, and program promotion, and is working with a number of Fortune 1000 companies to innovate the growing field.

Source: http://www.nasdaq.com/press-release/shoe-carnival-and-slyce-launch-automated-3d-mobile-visual-search-functionality-20160322-00372

Darius Fisher and Unfavorable Photos

Darius Fisher, being the founder of Status Labs understands that anything can cause a problem with one’s reputation. Darius Fisher knows about plenty of ways to deal with photos online. Often times, when one sends a photo online, someone can hack the photo and send it around. One way to deal with bad photos is to act quickly to make sure the views are minimized by contacting administrators and having the material removed under DMCA. One can also use the help of Status Labs founded by Darius Fisher in order to come up with strategies in order to come up with something that improves reputation.


Darius Fisher has developed his digital crisis and public relations firm with the intention of handling issues like this. He has a staff full of experts that are experienced with SEO and digital marketing. They know how to produce new and optimized content for their clients so that any bad report will be eventually taken out of the front page. The search engines often hold results in their place for a long time until newer information is available about the client. For this reason, they work on trying to bring about more flattering news about the client.
Among the types of content that Darius Fisher deals with for his clients are images that could ruin the reputation of his clients. He not only does what he can to have them removed, but he also advises people on what to do in order to avoid any trouble that could be caused from unflattering images. Darius Fisher and his staff at Status Labs have much needed understanding on how to deal with potential threats to reputation.