Hussain Sajwani Learns Well as a Young Man

When Hussain Sajwani was a young boy in Dubai he was forced by his entrepreneurial father to work in the family business long hours after school. The business consisted of a retail store that sold Chinese imports, consumer items, and office supplies.

Young Hussain told his father that he was sure that he would never be a self-employed business person because the hours were so bad. He would rather get a college degree and be a professional in order to work hours that would be more regular. Learn more about James Larkin: and

Sajwani did go to college at the University of Washington in the USA where he graduated with degrees in engineering and economics. He then went back to his home in Dubai and landed a job as an engineer with a gas company there.

He soon left that career when an opportunity presented itself that he simply could not pass up. He formed a catering business that sold food to the US Army during the Gulf War. The venture was a complete success and it is still in business today.

In 2002, Sajwani founded DAMAC Properties a real estate investment and development company. This was in response to a new stance by the UAE regarding the elimination of restrictions for foreign nationals immigrating to the country. Read more: Hussain Sajwani | Forbes and Hussain Sajwani | Instagram

Sajwani correctly predicted that there would be a great boom in the real estate market and he wanted to be prepared.

One of Sajwnai’s great talents is that of promotion and marketing. He didn’t waste any time getting started in that area. His very first apartment project was totally sold out prior to the construction starting on the project.

People loved his luxurious apartments and villas and his promotions soon were all over the land. To date, DAMAC has built 19,000 apartments with over 44,000 additional units in different stages of completion.

Sajwani operated on a very conservative business model. He always pays cash for his land for that prevents any foreclosures. He finances very little if anything at all for his construction and finishing.

He keeps separate bank accounting and bank accounts for each project so if one project has difficulty, it won’t affect the rest of the business as there is no co-mingling of funds from project to project.

IDLife Wants To Make Nutrition A Personal Experience

Nutrition isn’t a one size fits all sort of endeavor. It’s something that differs from person to person and it’s important to create diets that are based around that fact. IDLife leads the way towards this with their customized supplement system. When you decide to get IDLife supplements, every single dose is specifically designed for you. That sort of personal nutrition is going to change the way the health industry operates. We’ll have diets made with foods meant to match our bodies natural ways. The unlimited ways you can customize your supplements is exactly why IDLife is where it is today.

Everything Is Custom Tailored

The ambition of IDLife is to give customers something meant for their specific life. We all have different genetics and that often means we have different nutritional needs. Some people may need more vitamin D than others while others may need more zinc. To give us all the ability to thrive we need to have something that will pertain to our specific health needs and give us what we need to keep our bodies in the best shape can possibly be in.

Your Health At Its Finest

The most important thing to take from IDLife is that it works to bring your health to its ideal. You can only do this by looking at your specific lifestyle and by bringing in things that specifically offer you the ability to enjoy your life as you should. With this kind of approach personalized nutrition is helping to advance an entirely new way of thinking. Nobody has ever managed to bring this sort of innovation forward at the same rate IDLife has. People are actually reaching their fitness goals thanks to the effects of the personalized nutrition.

Taking Things Further Along

The future of IDLife looks bright people actually like the work being done here and want to see it continue. The need for personalized nutrition is clearly out there, but there aren’t many companies offering this sort of product. Stepping forward with their own idea has given IDLife the unique opportunity to pioneer and entire market. The results of their efforts are easy to see with so many people happily improving their lives. When you do what’s right for you, the results are always going to come. That’s exactly what these supplements offer people with every single order taken out.

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How Boraie Development Helps Children Of Diverse Backgrounds See A Free Movie

Boraie Development of New Brunswick, New Jersey, and The Provident Bank Foundation have stepped up to sponsor the Free Summer Movies Series put on the State Theatre. Being reported by New Jersey Stage, this is a program that provides free showing in the summer for six different child-friendly movies. The movies are all G rated and so appropriate for all ages.


This program is put on so that children of all different economic backgrounds have the opportunity to get out of the house and enjoy a movie along with their parents and others in the community. Omar Boraie, who serves as a Vice President at Boraie Development, said that his company is happy to support this effort and they like being able to give people, especially the children, the opportunity to catch a movie.


The Free Summer Movie Series has been an event for several years. One of the executives at the New Brunswick State Theatre, Anna Marie Gewirtz, said that she expects about 7,500 people will attend free movies this summer. One of the core missions of the State Theatre, she says, is to provide affordable programming that is family-friendly.


A spokesperson for the other sponsor, Jane Kurek of The Provident Bank Foundation, released a comment stating who thrilled her team was to sponsor the program and help all types of families receive free entertainment.


The historic State Theatre holds 1,850 people. The theatre was recently restored a now features state-of-the-art equipment in order to make the movie-going experience as high-quality as possible. There are two levels of seating at the State Theatre, a lower level and an upper balcony from which people can view the movies. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms for more.


Boraie Development has been in business since the early 70’s. It was founded by Omar Boraie who set about on a mission to restore downtown New Brunswick. His company owns and operates a number of high-rise towers around the city. In addition to residences the Boraie Developments buildings also house office and retail space. Visit Fundacity for more.


Some of Boraie Development’s high-rises provide luxury housing. Among these is The Aspire which is 17 stories tall. This is a favorite building to live in for those who work in New York City as it is right next to a train station that takes people directly to that city. The rent on a two-bedroom apartment in The Aspire is about $2,800 a month.



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Nathaniel Ru: Pushing Sustainability in the Food Industry

Since Nathaniel Ru created Sweetgreen, he has been working to make things better for people who are working toward a better future. He knows the restaurant industry can be difficult for people to make things sustainable but he also tries his best to ensure the industry is going to get the exact changes it needs to get better.

For those who are a part of the industry, things need to change. Nathaniel Ru knew this when he created Sweetgreen. He also knew he would have a chance to be an example of the change that needed to happen if he made all the right moves with Sweetgreen.

By making sure everything he does has a lasting impact, Nathaniel Ru is showing others what sustainability is all about. He wants them to know the world will be a better place if more restaurants are sustainable. He also knows things will continue to get better for those who are working in these positions as long as they are working toward stability.

There have been many different things Nathaniel Ru has done with Sweetgreen, but pushing the sustainability agenda is one of the biggest opportunities he has had to make a difference.

Even when things were difficult for Nathaniel Ru in the beginning, he was still putting his ideologies first. He wanted people to know what they could get from a restaurant that was dedicated to lasting impact.

Nathaniel knew people would be appreciative of what Sweetgreen stood for so he continued to make it something that would get better no matter what issues people were facing in the world around them.

Even college students could benefit from the things Nathaniel Ru was doing with Sweetgreen. The restaurants were affordable and that helped things get better for people who were working toward a better future.

Out of everything Sweetgreen has done to help people, offering them the chance to try different things is exactly what has made the company the best that it can be. Nathaniel Ru knew this when he started it.

He was a college student who just wanted healthy and affordable options to eat. Since he was unable to find the answer to that problem, he decided to create it. He did this through Sweetgreen.

The idea of the restaurant is to provide everyone a sustainable location that has affordable and nutritious food they can get while they are on the go.

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