James Dondero Gives Back To Dallas And The Family Place

James Dondero is known throughout Dallas for giving back to the community, and his most-recent contribution is one everyone must laud. He is giving $1 million in a challenge grant to The Family Place. This article explains how The Family Place does its work, and there is a look at how James is encouraging more donors to give in his challenge grant.

#1: How Is James Giving?

James and his firm High Capital Management are giving a grant of $1 million to The Family Place that may be matched by other donors to increase the total donation.

James wishes to see as many donors as possible join the effort to support The Family Place, and giving in this manner ensures more people will give. The Family Place may close its $165 million campaign with a flourish, and they will have the money needed to build each new structure. Learn more about James Dandero: https://www.nexbank.com/james-dondero.htm

#2: Why Is The Family Place Important?

The Family Place serves those who have nowhere to go, and the buildings they plan to create with their new round of funding will serve many more families around the city that are in turmoil. The city must have a place for those who are less-fortunate, and The Family Place will build quite a lot with the money they have procured.

According to PR Newswire, Highland Capital Management and James Dondero are giving back as much as possible in the hope that the charity may grow more with every passing day. It is quite powerful to see the charity serve more people, and they will do so with each dollar that is raised.

#3: Highland Capital Management Serves All Of Dallas

James has lived in Dallas for some time, and he wishes to make the city a lovely place to live. He is invested in the city as anyone else is, and he believes he may help with giving he does every year. His company has set aside money for the aid of others, and they are giving freely to ensure The Family Place succeeds.

James Dondero is changing lives with simple gifts he gives from the goodness of his heart.