Wiki Editors Help Maintain Robbie Brady’s Page

Wikipedia pages can be a great way to advertise a business or promote a person. Robbie Brady, who scored the winner against Italy in Euro football 2016, knows first hand how important (and funny) a Wikipedia page can be. After his victory, his fans took to his page between 10 pm and midnight to edit a Wikipedia page. Luckily, moderators were there to fix it back. The fans were showing how thrilled they were with Robbie’s big win, but he luckily had moderators to maintain his online reputation. Online reputations are important for individuals, especially those in the limelight. 

The moderators were quite busy, fixing almost 100 Wiki edits in about two hours. Wiki pages are great promotional material, however, they can not be left alone. An editor or moderator needs to be hired in order to maintain the integrity of the page. Robbie Brady is a shining example, an extreme one, of how to make a Wiki page can help to promote a person. His wiki experience shows how important editors and moderators are to maintaining the online presence desired by the individual or company. 

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