Insurance Considerations for AirBNB Rentals

One of the biggest trends in hospitality over the past few years has been the increased use of AirBNB. While AirBNB can provide a guest with comfortable housing alternatives for short or long-term stays and can provide a landlord with the ability to earn some additional cash flow, a landlord is often taking on risks that they may not be aware of. One of the biggest risks is lack of insurance. Since a typical insurance policy will not cover AirBNB rentals, there are several insurance issues that a homeowner needs to consider before renting out their home.

The first item that needs to be considered is how much coverage you may already have. Before renting out their home, all landlords need to double check with their insurance company and homeowners association to understand how much coverage they have. In many cases the base insurance policy may not cover any short-term rentals for property or liability coverage. In order to ensure you are covered from all of the risks associated with renting out the property, you will need to have additional coverage added to your policy.

Before you start renting out your home, you should also check with your homeowners association and local municipality to ensure you are compliant with all laws. Many tows and associations across the country have strict rules that govern your ability to monetize your personal residence. In order to be compliant, you may need to have a business license that will come with various insurance requirements. While this could be an additional cost to renting out your home, it will provide you with the liability insurance necessary to provide you with comfort.

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How Do Clients Get in Touch With Laidlaw & Company?

Laidlaw & Company is one of the most active and accessible investment banks in the world, and they use a communication system that helps clients get in touch with them at any time. There are a lot of different ways that clients should get in touch with this SEC governed firm, and a broker will be on the other end of the table to talk the client through any need.
There are a people who like to talk on the phone, and they will be able to start a phone conversation with a broker at Laidlaw & Company at any time. The brokers are going to take their time explaining how they are going to help, and they can answer questions that the clients have about their investments. The clients can send emails that will be returned in a short time, and the clients who want to fax in documents can send the documents to the Laidlaw fax number. There is a live chat feature for people who need basic questions answered, and the brokers in the office are willing to set up video or conference calls when there is a need for a large meeting.

Laidlaw handles accounts for large families, couples and singles that are in need of help, and they will be able to get in touch with their broker at any time. Laidlaw & Company brokers are BrokerCheck.FINRA registered and trained to offer the best customer service possible, and they spend much of their day doing that for their clients. Anyone who calls in for help will be able to get help as soon as possible, and they will have their questions answered without a problem. Investments improve when clients can talk to their brokers, and the investments get frequent updates through the many communication methods at Laidlaw & Company.