Why the Evolution of smooth stands out

Many people suffer from chapped lips that crack and blister leading to pain and discomfort. The most common solution for this is a high quality Lip balm to protect your lips. There are many different types of lip balms out there and finding a good one can be difficult. In our opinion one brand stands out from the others. That brand is the Evolution of Smooth.
High Quality Natural Ingredients

One thing that sets the Evolution of Smooth a superior product is the high quality all natural ingredients that go into it. Instead of petroleum jelly, the Evolution of smooth has high quality emollients like shea butter and coconut oil which help to lock moisture into your lips and repair the thin skin on your lips that is easily damaged by the dry air and other causes.

The all natural ingredients in the lip balm will help to reduce the reactions that you may have to the lip balm and make for a safer product overall. Many of the non natural ingredients that are in lesser quality lip balms actually dry out your skin rather than retain moisture and are counter productive.

Orbital Sphere for Sanitary Delivery

Those tubes of lip balm are less sanitary than you might thick and don’t deliver the same smooth application that the Evolution of Smooth delivers. Their unique orbital sphere stands out in the market as a great applied of lip balm and helps to deliver a thick and solid application that protects your lips.

Unique Flavors

Many lip balms have a limited variety of Flavors that get boring, are overbearing or taste overly medicinal. The Evolution of Smooth provides subdued Flavors in their balms that are tasty and enjoyable to use without the overbearing medicinal Flavors that are commonly used. They also have a wide variety of Flavors to keep it interesting and the Evolution of smooth is therefore our choice. EOS lip balms are available online via ulta.com and racked.com. Order yours today!