Charles Koch disappointed by language and ideas of Republican nominees

Charles Koch is an American billionaire and philanthropist. He is the co-owner and chief executive officer of Koch Industries. It is the second-largest privately held company in revenue in the United States. Along with his brother, they inherited the company from their father and they expanded the exclusively oil refining company to include pollution control technologies, polymers, minerals, fertilizers and commodity trading and services.

Charles Koch has formerly been identified as a classical liberal, his overall concept has been to minimize the role of government and maximize both personal freedoms and role of the private economy. Often he has expressed his concerns regarding too much government regulation in the united state. Koch often warns that decline of the free enterprise system and an increase of government overspending will prove to be detrimental to the economic and social prosperity of America in the end.

In an interview with ABC News, Charles Koch sounded disappointed and baffled by language and ideas of Republican nominees. He spoke somewhat fondly of Clinton; Charles suggested that under Bill Clinton leadership, government spending and regulation were kept low.

In another interview, Charles has stated that he resisted being involved in politics for years, but dissatisfaction with the presidency changed him. He explained that government kept on swelling and continued to increase it regulations. From Koch point of view, the economy should be run by consumers and not the government. That is why he has been in the front line opposing corporate welfare, which informs government subsidies and tax loopholes.

Koch also opposes corporate welfare, and his view is that government spending on business aggravates problems. He argues that too many businesses have lobbied special treatment and favor by seeking subsidies for their product in the form of payment from the government, and these regulations keep other efficient competitors at bay. Despite the fact that Koch Industries is one of the biggest ethanol producers, he lobbied the end to ethanol subsidies.

Regarding government regulation, Koch view has been that we need to cooperate with the law, despite different personal views. Though complying with every law does not mean that the law is productive, but we must first comply. After compliance, we can use credible position to enter into dialogue with responsible agencies and demonstrate to them alternatives that are more beneficial. Besides, we need to join with others in using education to change the law.

Koch is acknowledged for his support to free –market oriented organization such as Institute for Humane Studies and Mercatus Centre. He also contributes to libertarian groups, cultural institutions, and various charity organizations.

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