Marc Sparks Offers Tips for Success to New Entrepreneurs

Marc Sparks is a successful businessman and a well-known venture capitalist. He currently lives in Dallas, Texas. His claim to fame is that he has been very successful raising money, from investors, for several business projects.

He started and runs Timber Creek Capital in Texas. He has been successful working with on projects in a number of different industries. Marc would like to share his expertise and experience with other people looking to finance business projects.

Marc Sparks believes in sharing his success with those in his community. He supports many charities around the Dallas, Texas area. He supports local homeless shelters, Habitat for Humanity, and several local high schools in his community.

In addition to helping those in his area who are less fortunate, Marc is interested in helping entrepreneurs get the financial backing for their projects. He believes that one of the major mistakes new entrepreneurs make is that they don’t have a plan. Investors want to know what they’re investing in and how they’re going to make money from the project.

In his Twitter page, Marc believes that coming up with a meaningful presentation that is to the point is the key to success in selling a business idea to venture capitalists. He stresses that every visual must have a key point. It is important not to waste the investors time. Get to the point quickly. Use your data to make a legitimate point of how your product or idea is going to generate revenue.

He recommends that you keep your presentation simple and on target. Don’t make things too complex.  Sell your product to the investors. Following these guidelines will greatly increase your chances of a positive outcome.