Gregory Aziz: The Leader Taking National Steel Car To New Heights

Gregory James Aziz is one of the most important people at National Steel Car and stands as their current Chief Operating Officer. Gregory J Aziz has been performing his role since 2010, and since then has had a large-scale impact on the workings on the company. Since taking over, National Steel Car has witnessed an ample amount of growth, unlike anything that they had witnessed in their previous years. Even though the fate of a hundred-year-old company rested on his shoulders, Gregory Aziz was able to carry out all of his functions with ease.



One of the reasons why Gregory J Aziz proved to be such a vital member of National Steel Car was because of the time he has spent working with them. Aziz started working in the financial department at National Steel Car, and slowly worked his way up the ranks to become a notable name in the company. He was instituted at several positions before he finally reached the position of CEO. Having worked at the company for such a long time greatly benefited the way that he worked, and his understanding of what National Steel Car did and how they performed.



Before working at National Steel Car, Aziz worked at a banking and financial company in the city of New York. Working on Wall Street was one of his goals, which is why he took this up and started working here. During this time, National Steel Car was on their quest for expansion to other parts of the world. They wanted to set up their basis in the United States and offer their services to clients here and came to the place that Aziz worked at for help with that. Aziz was asked to handle their financials and provide them with the right kind of advice. He helped them immensely with the kind of expansion that they wanted to do.


After National Steel Car was satisfied with the work that Aziz has done for them, they decided to offer him a job to work full time at National Steel Car. Aziz had had a brilliant experience working with National Steel Car and saw this as a brilliant growth opportunity for all of his endeavors. With this in mind, he decided that he would join National Steel Car Financial Department and work as an advisor for the company full time, which has only been a positive climb since then. Go To This Page for more information



Gregory Aziz: Empowering An Industry

There are few men who run major companies or corporations that invoke feelings of hope, inspiration, security and excitement for their specific industry. While there are many qualities that are essential for creating a successful work environment, there are fewer and fewer companies that are willing to go to the lengths for creating a favorable culture.


Gregory James Aziz is one boss who is taking the necessary steps to create and sustain an environment that both his employees and his customers want to return to again and again. Gregory Aziz is the CEO of major railroad freight manufacturer, National Steel Car. They specialize in the engineering and producing of freight cars, specifically, the railroad variety. The appreciation for the customers and employees of the company is incredibly tangible just upon visiting the National Steer Car website.


Here is a space where even you could feel valued as a customer, where Aziz thanks the immense team work, cooperation and support of everyone involved in the frightful process, appreciating that it takes more than one to run a worldwide company.


Aziz took over National Steel Car in 1994 after seeking investment opportunities in New York City. Prior to that, he aided his family’s company, Affiliated Foods to worldwide success. It’s not very often that you see a CEO who has not one, but two companies who have achieved worldwide appreciation, on their resume.


Gregory Aziz isn’t just a boss who sneaks into a company, creates success, and then leaves. He remains incredibly dedicated to his commitment to work. Aziz stayed at his family’s company for 16 years and has been with National Steel Car for roughly 25 years. It’s hard to imagine the company and Gregory Aziz furthering their success, but both he and the employees at the company have created a culture where they are wholly dedicated to the process of innovation and excellence. Refer to This Article for more information.


A leading factor in their success and trustworthiness, is not only their good morals but their paperwork to back it up. National Steel Car is the only freight company in North America to hold an ISO 9001:2008 certification. They have also been awarded the TTX SECO highest quality award annually since 1996. It only took Aziz two years with the company to achieve an award, which says everything about the quality of Aziz and his work.


He and the company share their success by annually giving back to local food drives and charities, as he continues to be an inspiration to CEO’s everywhere.


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