Edisoft Solutions Are Changing How We Measure Supply Chain Efficiency

When visibility solutions were first made available, on-time performance was the most commonly used key performance indicator (KPI) among transportation and logistics departments. It was rare to find companies that would look at how multi-leg or multi-mode shipments performed. However, this is changing thanks to supplying chain software solutions from Edisoft. The company gives accurate, timely and complete information to shippers by taking advantage of GPS datasets. It also takes advantage of the swift evolution of real-time tracking and its global partners’ mobile partners to offer useful information drawn from big data.


About The Company


Edisoft Key Solutions was established in 1995. The company started with the vision of providing top class EDI solutions to ensure small and medium sized enterprises can connect seamlessly and trade easily with each other (YouTube). The company was set up to develop a solution that could facilitate full EDI functionality within the major ERP and accounting software systems. The company assembled a team of software and EDI experts from around the world and put them to work on an intensive program of R&D at its headquarters in Toronto. It resulted in the Edisoft Merchant software suite, a full EDI solution that has been engineered to integrate seamlessly with popular accounting systems.


The Edisoft Integrated Supply Chain Software platform has been designed to work alongside popular ERP software through simple configuration and without the need for customization. Edisoft drives the performance of the supply chain by offering Integrated Warehouse, Integrated Shipping Automation, and ERP Integrated EDI solutions. These allow both manufacturers and distributors to count on the system to derive greater value from within their supply chain and lower their operational costs.

About Edisoft’s Software Solutions


Edisoft solutions solve many common supply chain problems thanks to their scalable, flexible and modular design. The software results in a measurable improvement in staff productivity, automation, ERP order integration, compliance, business intelligence data and reporting for distributors and manufacturers who want to gain a competitive edge. The software solutions offered within Edisoft’s suite Merchant QuikPAK, Edisoft Merchant and Merchant XChange in addition to software connectors, shipping solutions and bin tracking.