Waiakea Executives Discuss Humble Beginnings of the Company

The Waiakea Water company recently held a press conference where the executives of the company discussed its humble origins. Waiakea was developed by a young man who was fresh out of his college business administration classes. Ryan Emmons always knew that he wanted to develop and operate a company. After his graduation, Emmons decided to make use of a water access point that his family owned in Hawaii.

Charm City Beverage revealed that after successfully tapping the volcanic water supply, Emmons developed the Waiakea Spring water distribution company using 12,000 dollars that he had previously saved.

Emmons has stated that he began the company with such a small amount of money because he wanted to ensure that there was an interest in the bottled water that he planned to sell, ensure that he could find investor interest before making a large investment in the start-up, and establish the business as a reputable one before attempting to make it successful in the mainstream bottled water industry.

Ensuring Interest in Volcanic Bottled Water Industry

Ryan Emmons decided to test the interest in his product before investing a large amount of money into it. Start-ups usually require more than 50,000 dollars to launch, but Emmons invested less than half that amount to test interest. Learn more about Waiakea Water: https://www.instagram.com/waiakea/?hl=en

The entrepreneur understood that he was entering an industry that was well established and that consumers do not usually adapt so quickly to new ideas in old industries. Because volcanic water has traditionally been marketed in areas where consumers are familiar with the product, Emmons was not sure if the product would sell well in a national context.

After establishing his business plan and launching his product, Emmons created a series of test markets which he examined over a year in an effort to find potential customers. Emmons was thrilled to find that there was massive interest in bottled volcanic water in all four regions of the continental United States.

Finding Investor Interest and Establishing a Reputable Business

Emmons also made sure that he could find proper funding for his business before he invested a large amount of money in it. After conducting consumer testing in the United States, Emmons sought the help of investors and venture capitalists.

The businessman quickly found more than enough funding to successfully launch Waiakea water in several U.S. states including Hawaii. He then began the process of establishing the company as a reputable brand.

According to Crunchbase, Waiakea water is currently experiencing the benefits of the groundwork that was laid by the company’s founder.