Young Entrepreneur Sawyer Howitt

Few high school students have worked or started their own business, even fewer succeed to the level of 17-year-old senior Sawyer Howitt from Portland, Oregon. Sawyer is a project manager at his father’s company The Meriwether Group helping organizations improve and evolve not only their company but their overall business mindset.

He started working at The Meriwether Group while he attended Lincoln High School. The work he does enables business increase their profits and transform their businesses to something that can tackle the everchanging challenges in the corporate world.

Sawyer says that there is no right time to start a business and that you should press forward and start your own company if you have a plan and the enthusiasm to do so. He suggests that you build up your self-confidence and to surround yourself with the right people to help you face the many challenges encountered when starting a business. The biggest piece of advice the Sawyer gives to people is to have passion and purpose and to not worry too much about the money. With a goal in mind and the drive to achieve your goal, the money will follow he says.

Sawyer will start his university studies in fall 2017 focusing on business and finance at Colombia University in New York City. Sawyer also believes in giving back to people and through his philanthropy, he helps to mentor business-minded youth and help champion women’s rights and well as those of minorities.

When Sawyer is not giving his time to those in need or helping businesses succeed, he is on the racquetball court giving it his all. Ever since he was a young child, Sawyer Howitt has been dominating the racquetball scene in his hometown of Portland and through the greater state of Oregon. Preferring to face his appoints one on one, Sawyer conquered the court and has won most of his matches, making him one of Portland’s most promising racquetball players. Sawyer Howitt is someone to watch as he moves through the ranks of the corporate world and continues to dominate in racquetball.

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