Daniel Taub: The Prolific and Zealous Diplomat

Daniel Taub is a diplomat who served as Israel’s ambassador to Britain. The city of Bradford was once declared as an “Israel free zone” by the Member of Parliament for Bradford West George Galloway, and this made Daniel Taub to visit the constituency. Galloway’s sentiments greatly perturbed Daniel Taub. He views Bradford differently as the words of Galloway came as a surprise to Taub.

Daniel Taub was the idea that the ideas being spread by Galloway did not represent the real picture of Bradford. The British Police even launched investigations against Galloway.

The investigations targeted his speech, which sparked hue and cry after it was posted online on social media. Galloway had said that Bradford was to avoid any Israeli goods and people were to strive to keep the city “Israel free.”

He even said that Bradford was to avoid all the services provided by the Israelis. He also added that Bradford did not want any Israeli student studying in any college or university in that region.

Surprisingly, even the Israeli tourists were not welcome in Bradford. He referred to Israel as barbaric, illegal as well as a savage state. This angered Daniel Taub who termed it as the fight between past and future.

He was resistant to the fact that Galloway was pulling the region behind instead of fostering peace and stability that would result in immense growth in the region. Learn more about Daniel Taub: http://www.daniel-taub.co.il/ and https://soundcloud.com/danieltaub

Galloway had a history of anti-Israeli bigotry, and this did not come as a surprise; many people termed his act as racist. This was after he walked out of a debate when he discovered that his opponent was an Israeli. He said that he would never debate with any person from Israel.

Daniel Taub’s visit to Bradford was well organized, and security was fortified in the city. He was convinced that the city of Bradford encouraged dialogue. He said that he strongly believed that Galloway’s sentiments did not represent the views of the people, as there existed a long history of peaceful co-existence between Israel and Britain. Daniel Taub was able to counter the sentiments that had been aired by Galloway.

Daniel Taub was born in the year 1962. He is an alumnus of Oxford University and Harvard University.

Daniel Taub was born in London but moved to Israel in 1989. He has previously served in the Israeli Defense Forces, where he worked as a medic as well as a reserve officer. He has as well worked at the Israeli Foreign Ministry.