Eli Gershkovitch: Taking Steamworks Canadian Craft Beer To International Markets

Canadians love their beer. And for a growing number of them, craft beer is their preferred type. Canadian craft breweries create dozens of unique flavorful types of craft beer. Some of those beers are made by tiny mom and pop operations while others are produced by large breweries with sophisticated operations and an international client base. Demand for Canadian craft beer as grown by double digits every year for almost a decade. The country also hosts a series of festivals and craft beer fairs that attract huge crowds and give people the opportunity to sample some of the world’s best craft beers.

Eli Gershkovitch has been brewing Canadian craft beer since 1995. He has witnessed the dramatic growth in the demand for the product. And he has been only to happy to help meet that demand by increasing the production at his Steamworks Breweries. When he founded Steamworks, Eli Gershkovitch was simply attempting to meet the demand in his small Gastown, Vancouver brewpub. Today, he has customers throughout the Canadian provinces, the United States and Europe.


The growth of brewmaster Eli Gershkovitch and Steamworks has been incremental and organic. As demand for his craft beer grew in his 184-seat brewpub, he increased production and added more seats. Today, the brewpub has over 754 seats and Steamworks has grown from a micro-brewery to a full-fledged brewery. Once Eli Gershkovitch was a successful attorney, but now he’s Eli Gershkovitch brewmaster extraordinaire and creator of some of Canada’s most beloved craft beers.

The transformation of Eli Gershkovitch to a full-fledged brewmaster was gradual. But once the public began clamoring for his craft beers, he was hooked. He became fully invested in creating the best craft beer possible. Some of his beers take years to be perfected before being released on the market. And Eli Gershkovitch has seen his customer base change and expand. There are now more women, older people and white- and blue-collar workers at his brewpub.


These days Eli Gershkovitch is a happy man. His Steamworks Breweries is a labor of love and his Canadian craft beers are a hit internationally.