Global Tel*Link Showing Unethical Side On All Fronts, Including Lawsuit Against Securus

There are two companies fighting over government contracts to provide telecommunication services to prisons and jails across the country. These companies exist in every state and have millions of prisoners under their umbrella. But one of these companies is obviously unethical and the other is the exact opposite.


Global Tel*Link is the giant. They pull in over $500 million per year by fixing high prices for prisoners to call their families and loved ones. They have garnered a lot of press recently because of their unethical dealings with their inmates. They have been accused of fraud, price gouging, intentionally terrible customer service, and circumventing regulations. The company’s terrible service can cost families over $300 per week.


The other company, Securus Technologies, has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. They’ve also gone out of their way to be accredited by the BBB. This company runs the largest customer service call center in the industry that is capable of fielding over 2 million calls per month with a first call resolution rate of 99.9%. They offer their inmates video chat services, easy to use payment portals, and an easy to use website for the prisoner’s family and friends at home.


But Global Tel*Link’s lack of ethics extends outside of prisons. They are currently suing Securus for patent infringement concerning voice over Internet protocols. But the lawsuit is just a way to squeeze money out of its competition. Legal fees are expensive and patent lawsuits drag on for years. And it seems Global Tel*Link is just pursuing the lawsuit in order to damage its competition. After the judge shot down 25 of the 27 claims in the lawsuit, Global Tel*Link issued a positive press release. Securus fired back, issuing a correction press release for the whole world to see.