Highland Capital distressed and profit investment strategies

James Dondero commonly referred as Jim, is the co-founder and the president of Highland Capital Management. He has extensive experience that span over three decades in equity and credit market. The firm mainly focuses on distressed and high-profit investments. Since the foundation of Highland Capital in 1993, the company under the leadership of  Dondero has pioneered the development of Collateralized Loan Obligation as credit-oriented solutions for institutions. Highland Capital applies investment strategies in credit market that are time-tested and produce above-average and consistent return

Highland Capital award-winning products include Mutual fund, hedge fund, CLO, ETFs and REITs, and Institutional Separates Accounts. Currently, Mr. Dondero is also serving as the chairperson of Nexbank and CCS Medical Cornerstone Healthcare. Moreover, he serves as a board member of America Banknote and MGM studios. Jim is also known for his philanthropic work that includes supporting education activities, public affairs, and veteran’s affairs.

Before joining Highland Capital, Mr. Dondero in his capacity as CEO, he did an incredible job of moving GIC from inception to $2 billion from 1989 to 1993. As a Corporate Bond analyst at the American Express, he demonstrated outstanding performance, and later he becomes Portfolio Manager. At American Express, James Dondero was controlling more than $1 billion worth fund. This was very remarkable for a young leader he was, and it served as a stepping-stone for his career growth. Later he was elected to be the Chief Investment Officer of GIC, where Jim was responsible for overseeing more than $2 billion investments. Dondero started his career in 1984 as an analyst at Morgan Guaranty. He is a graduated from the University of Virginia, and later earned his master’s from Mcintire School of Commerce.

Over the years, Jim had gather vast experience and knowledge in Mortgage Securities, Equity Funds, Stocks, and emerging markets. Equipped with these resources, he decided to quit his job and co-founded Highland Capital Management.

Highland Capital has more than $19 billion of assets under its management and features offices in Dallas, New York, Sao Paulo, Singapore, and Seoul. It caters for financial institutions, governments, pension plans, foundations, and individual investors. Other than investments, the firm also supports community developments through its corporate social responsibility arm. Mainly it focuses on healthcare, education, childcare, and elderly care as parts of its community projects. Dondero passion for community health project has seen him serve on Cornerstone Healthcare Board and CCS Medical.

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Meet James Dondero; the Highland Capital Management CO founder and President

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