IAP Worldwide Is A Leader In The World of Emergency Response

While many companies can say that they work in the area of providing emergency response services to communities grappling with the aftermath of natural disasters not many of those companies can say that they started out helping to support the nation’s efforts to launch human beings into space. The company that the world knows today at IAP Worldwide Services is the offspring of a company known as Pan Am World Services, Inc. that was actually launched in 1953. During its lifespan Pan Am World Services used its expertise to enable testing for 2,500 launches. The space launch complex that Pan Am World Services built and managed was actually the very first space launch complex that was built in the United States. The complex is still there today where IAP Worldwide Services is headquartered in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Today the company has built upon its expertise in the aviation and engineering sector and through a number of strategic expansion initiatives developed the varied skill sets that enables them to be a leader in the emergency response sector.

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IAP Worldwide Services experience working in difficult environments has given its emergency response professionals the tools they need to provide support in situations where there is great human need. IAP Worldwide Services has been called upon to offer its skills in dire situations such as the emergency situation created by the 2012 storm known as Hurricane Sandy. Through strategic planning and management IAP was able to send two teams to help members of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers deliver vital services to people who had been impacted by the storm. During the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy IAP Worldwide called upon the logistics professionals it employs to tackle the challenge of gathering and moving 40 truck loads of bottled water in just one day. Overall IAP Worldwide Services was able to deliver more than 500 tractor trailers containing bottled water that was earmarked for distribution to people impacted by the storm who lived in states like West Virginia, New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts. IAP Worldwide Services also helped to mobilize critical resources like mobile power generation for the US Army Corps of Engineers. IAP helped serve victims of the storm by overseeing the installation and maintenance of hundreds of generators. These generators were responsible for enabling the operation of important services like transportation hubs such as New York City’s subway, healthcare facilities, businesses located on Wall Street and residential areas.

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