John Goullet’s Entrepreneurial and Leadership Skills

DIVERSANT LLC has named John Goullet as its Principal. Mr. Goullet’s declaration as DIVERSANT’s Principal marks the beginning of the revolution in the tech world as Goullet had recently merged his IT staffing firm, Info Technologies with Diversant Inc., to form DIVERSANT LLC. As an entrepreneur, Mr. Goullet has an extensive knowledge and experience in building IT startups from scratch. For John Goullet, nothing comes easily, and he would want to start from scratch. Over the years, Mr. Goullet takes pride in growing his ventures than taking over the already established companies.

Being an entrepreneur means that you started a venture from scratch and built it into a stable business. Entrepreneurs have unmatched gifts and talents in their respective industries. As an IT staffing professional, Mr. Goullet has handled the IT marketplace with honor, dignity, and respect. Such attributes set Mr. Goullet apart from competitors in the IT marketplace.


DIVERSANT LLC is an IT staffing firm that has set itself apart from the rest in the IT marketplace. At DIVERSANT LLC, IT specialists strive for greatness and meeting specific customer needs by developing personalized solutions and services. DIVERSANT’s motto is “empowered by difference.” As such, DIVERSANT is famous for providing innovative and exceptional results. While other firms remain ordinary and average, DIVERSANT LLC strives to bring a difference and be empowered by the fact. Therefore, the company stands out from the pact amid stiff competition in the Informational Technology industry.

Since its launch in 2010, DIVERSANT LLC has built a lasting relationship with its clients. They have built an excellent reputation as a trustworthy, honest, and hard-working service provider. DIVERSANT LLC leverages its IT consultants experience and knowledge to provide reliable IT solutions across the world. Not to mention, DIVERSANT LLC cares about its customers. The firm recognizes everyone’s contribution towards its success. John Goullet attributes DIVERSANT’s success to team efforts, but not individual efforts. Mr. Goullet integrates DIVERSANT’s guiding principles, and that is why he is so successful. Experts say that DIVERSANT LLC broke the mold when it appointed John Goullet as the Principal. Goullet brings an added layer of expertise to DIVERSANT’s management team.