Long Time Employee Gets New Role at the Capital Group

Tim Armour was recently appointed to serve as the chairperson and CEO of the Capital Group. The company has been rated as one of the world’s leading investment managers and the principal associate of American funds. The new position makes Mr. Timothy Armour the chairperson of Capital Group’s administration committee as well as the Capital Research and Management Company.

He will be working with the Rob Lovelace and Phil de Toledo, who are the presidents of Capital Research and Management Company and Capital Group respectively. As the chairperson of the company, Tim will coordinate with other committee members to ensure that the international objectives of the organization are fulfilled.

Mr. Timothy Armour took over the chairmanship of the enterprise after the death of Jim Rothenberg, who held the position. During a speech, Tim said that the staff of Capital mourns the death of Mr. Rothenberg who was a friend. According to him, the former chairperson was a competent leader who had the ability to make decisions that would benefit the long-term interests of the clients, stakeholders, and partners. Capital has a record of depending on the collective talent of its associates to achieve its mission and also offer long-term investment benefits to the customers and shareholders. The firm has more than 7600 associates who have teamed up with its management committee to continue its 84 years legacy of providing excellent services and obligations to the consultants and stakeholders.

Timothy Armour has been serving the Capital Group for more than 33 years, and this has enabled him to gain sufficient experience. His first job at Capital was serving as part of its Associate program. He worked at the firm as an equity investment analyst and dealt with international telecommunication and U.S service businesses. Armour studied at the Middlebury College, and he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics. His office is currently based in Los Angeles.

Capital Group teamed up with Samsung Asset Management to develop a strategic collaboration that will enable them to work together in creating asset management products to be used in the Korean Market. The two companies will be coordinating to develop a retirement and property distribution solution. The partnership will also enhance the active investment potential of SAM. The agreement will enable the Capital Group to assist its Korean associate to know more about the Capital-style active management and also gain information on various fields such as customer and business management.

Source: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-07-28/capital-group-names-armour-chairman-to-succeed-james-rothenberg