Nathaniel Ru: Pushing Sustainability in the Food Industry

Since Nathaniel Ru created Sweetgreen, he has been working to make things better for people who are working toward a better future. He knows the restaurant industry can be difficult for people to make things sustainable but he also tries his best to ensure the industry is going to get the exact changes it needs to get better.

For those who are a part of the industry, things need to change. Nathaniel Ru knew this when he created Sweetgreen. He also knew he would have a chance to be an example of the change that needed to happen if he made all the right moves with Sweetgreen.

By making sure everything he does has a lasting impact, Nathaniel Ru is showing others what sustainability is all about. He wants them to know the world will be a better place if more restaurants are sustainable. He also knows things will continue to get better for those who are working in these positions as long as they are working toward stability.

There have been many different things Nathaniel Ru has done with Sweetgreen, but pushing the sustainability agenda is one of the biggest opportunities he has had to make a difference.

Even when things were difficult for Nathaniel Ru in the beginning, he was still putting his ideologies first. He wanted people to know what they could get from a restaurant that was dedicated to lasting impact.

Nathaniel knew people would be appreciative of what Sweetgreen stood for so he continued to make it something that would get better no matter what issues people were facing in the world around them.

Even college students could benefit from the things Nathaniel Ru was doing with Sweetgreen. The restaurants were affordable and that helped things get better for people who were working toward a better future.

Out of everything Sweetgreen has done to help people, offering them the chance to try different things is exactly what has made the company the best that it can be. Nathaniel Ru knew this when he started it.

He was a college student who just wanted healthy and affordable options to eat. Since he was unable to find the answer to that problem, he decided to create it. He did this through Sweetgreen.

The idea of the restaurant is to provide everyone a sustainable location that has affordable and nutritious food they can get while they are on the go.

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