The Multi-Talented Dick Devos takes part in the Melges 32 Gold Cup Regatta

The Melges 32 Gold Regatta included a series of races where teams of experienced or amateur sailors take part. The competition attracts numerous sailors and sailing enthusiasts from various regions. During the recent Junior Day held during the Melges 32 Gold Cup, various individuals and teams of sailors such as Dick Devos, Benjamin Schwartz, Rick Devos, Alessandro Rombelli, and Richard Goransson from Sweden took part. The Lauderdale Yacht Club hosted the competition. In support of nurturing youth talent, the Lauderdale Yacht Club Sailing Foundation included youth sailors into the competition by allowing them to board each of the Melges 32 vessels. Consequently, both Michael Moss and Denver Rozzo were awarded top trophies for their youth effort during the Melges 32 Gold Cup Competition.

An Insight into Dick Devos Life and Philanthropic Work

Most wealthy families such as the Devos family have made remarkable contributions towards the society by starting and supporting numerous initiatives. Dick Devos is a top entrepreneur from Michigan. According to Forbes Magazine, Dick is listed as the 67th wealthiest person in the USA. His net worth is estimated as $5.1 billion. In addition, he is the head of the Dick and Betsy Devos, which is an initiative that significantly contributed a lot of money towards religious, artistic, civic, community, and free-market economic as well as educational organizations, especially in the Grand Rapids region.

Devos has also managed to boost the development of the Michigan area through the creation of West Michigan Aviation Academy in 2010.The Academy is the United States’ first aviation public charter institution. Some of the beneficiaries of Dick Devos philanthropic efforts include the Thunderbird School of Global Management, regional Air Alliance of West Michigan, Helen Devos Children’s Hospital, Mars Hill Bible Church, Rehoboth Christian School, Davenport University, American Education Reform Council, as well as the ArtPrize Grand Rapids.

Being a diversified person is a good attribute in a bid to relieve the burden of stress associated with work-related activities. Devos is a man who takes part in many activities other than just business and entrepreneurial ventures. He is a two-time United States Champion Sailor as well as a qualified helicopter and jet aircraft pilot. His business insight can be traced from his academic achievement since he boasts of a degree in business administration.

Due to his contributions to society, Devos has earned numerous honorary doctorates from various institutions such as the Northwood University, Grove City College, and the Central Michigan University. Together with his wife Betsy, they boast of five grandchildren and seven children.

Visual Search Engine Partners With Shoe Carnival


Slyce Inc. has partnered with one of the largest footwear retailers in the US, Shoe Carnival. Together, they will use the Slyce visual search technology to locate and purchase footwear from Shoe Carnival’s online product line. The automated 3D search will allow customers to take a picture, either in the real world or from a secondary source, and locate similar products from Shoe Carnival. The companies are hoping for an intuitive integrated user experience.

Shoe Carnival is hoping the partnership will prove to be innovative, and will give their customers “the most convenient shopping experience possible” according to Kent Zimmerman, the vice president of eCommerce for Shoe Carnival. The technology from Slyce is some of the most impressive on the market, and “offers an exceptionally easy and intuitive experience” according to CEO Mark Elfenbein.

Slyce is a visual search company based in Toronto, ON. Their focus is on mobile product scanners, and they offer the technology to companies for use in their own apps. The technology takes images of barcodes, printed material, or real world images, and runs a comparison against clients images and metadata. It returns results then, to the consumer, with unprecedented accuracy.

Their technology has been used by several large retail brands, and allows consumers an innovative convenience previously unknown on a mobile device, offering almost instant product recognition. The business has a variety of revenue streams, including software licensing and integration, direct purchase, and program promotion, and is working with a number of Fortune 1000 companies to innovate the growing field.


Insurance Considerations for AirBNB Rentals

One of the biggest trends in hospitality over the past few years has been the increased use of AirBNB. While AirBNB can provide a guest with comfortable housing alternatives for short or long-term stays and can provide a landlord with the ability to earn some additional cash flow, a landlord is often taking on risks that they may not be aware of. One of the biggest risks is lack of insurance. Since a typical insurance policy will not cover AirBNB rentals, there are several insurance issues that a homeowner needs to consider before renting out their home.

The first item that needs to be considered is how much coverage you may already have. Before renting out their home, all landlords need to double check with their insurance company and homeowners association to understand how much coverage they have. In many cases the base insurance policy may not cover any short-term rentals for property or liability coverage. In order to ensure you are covered from all of the risks associated with renting out the property, you will need to have additional coverage added to your policy.

Before you start renting out your home, you should also check with your homeowners association and local municipality to ensure you are compliant with all laws. Many tows and associations across the country have strict rules that govern your ability to monetize your personal residence. In order to be compliant, you may need to have a business license that will come with various insurance requirements. While this could be an additional cost to renting out your home, it will provide you with the liability insurance necessary to provide you with comfort.

For more insurance and other personal financial tips, it would be a good idea to consult with Richard Blair, who works for Wealth Solutions. Wealth Solutions is well known for providing alternative tips and resources to help people achieve personal financial freedom and build long-term wealth. They can also provide additional insight to landlords and homeowners that are looking to maximize the amount of revenue that they can make from AirBNB and other similar services.

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Assisted Living Facilities Like The Manse for Marsh Say They Care

Assisted living facilities are facilities that cater to the elderly or disabled individuals. The people living in an assisted living facility are capable of doing most of their own ADLs or activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, and feeding themselves. Most of the individuals either choose to admit themselves into an Adult facility or Assisted living facility. Some people are going to live in the facility because the family feels they need some help and supervision. Most of the individuals are entering because they fear to live alone or they have a reason why they do not want to be at home alone.

Living in an assisted living facility like The Manse on Marsh can help an individual have the sense of belonging. Some elderly individuals become very lonely when their children move on.  When a family sees this behavior they may discuss the parents going to live somewhere like The Manse on Marsh so that the parent can be around other people. When an adult comes to live at a facility such as the Manse, they eventually line themselves up with activities and outings to pass the time. Eventually and hopefully they will begin making friends that can help them pass the time.

Places such as The Manse on Marsh are available to help families to do the best for their parents. No one dreams of the day they will live in a facility but they may dream of the day they can have their own place and their own friends surrounding them. Assisted living facilities provide caring staff members that are around when your parent needs them. If your parent needs help with buttoning a blouse, the staff is there to assist. If your parent is forgetting to take their evening medications, a staff member can help remind them. If your parent is in need of good nutrition, good activities, and clean space to live,they can find it at places like the Marsh. Assisted living facilities are set up to evaluate the people living in them. They are ready to help them to the doctor when they need to go. They are eager to provide quiet places for your parents to reflect or to visit with family. Senior retirement centers and Assisted living facilities are wonderful places for your parent when they need them. Suggesting that your parent goes to live in a facility does not mean you are tossing them to the curb. Check out for more information, or the Twitter page for current updates.

How Do Clients Get in Touch With Laidlaw & Company?

Laidlaw & Company is one of the most active and accessible investment banks in the world, and they use a communication system that helps clients get in touch with them at any time. There are a lot of different ways that clients should get in touch with this SEC governed firm, and a broker will be on the other end of the table to talk the client through any need.
There are a people who like to talk on the phone, and they will be able to start a phone conversation with a broker at Laidlaw & Company at any time. The brokers are going to take their time explaining how they are going to help, and they can answer questions that the clients have about their investments. The clients can send emails that will be returned in a short time, and the clients who want to fax in documents can send the documents to the Laidlaw fax number. There is a live chat feature for people who need basic questions answered, and the brokers in the office are willing to set up video or conference calls when there is a need for a large meeting.

Laidlaw handles accounts for large families, couples and singles that are in need of help, and they will be able to get in touch with their broker at any time. Laidlaw & Company brokers are BrokerCheck.FINRA registered and trained to offer the best customer service possible, and they spend much of their day doing that for their clients. Anyone who calls in for help will be able to get help as soon as possible, and they will have their questions answered without a problem. Investments improve when clients can talk to their brokers, and the investments get frequent updates through the many communication methods at Laidlaw & Company.

The Life and Legacy of Stephen Murray

Co-founder of CCMP and well known philanthropist, Stephen Murray was educated at Boston College and graduated in 1984 with a degree in economics. He went on to earn a master’s degree from Columbia Business School, specializing in business administration. The knowledge he acquired at these institutions on would serve him in his professional endeavors later in life.

While still studying at Boston College, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital began training as a credit analyst at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation, where he began working in 1989, as part of their equity and finance unit, MH Equity Corporation. When this company eventually merged with Chemical and later Chase Bank, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital stayed on board until 2005. At this point, Murray became the head of the buyout business at JP Morgan Partners.

JP Morgan allowed Murray to start his own company, CCMP Capital. It is a spinoff of JP Morgan on that combines the two areas Murray worked most often in: equity and buyout. Created in August 2006, and in 2007 Murray was named CEO.

In addition to serving on the board for CCMP, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital served for various companies on the executive boards. Additionally, Murray was an active philanthropist. Murray gave generously to his alma maters, Boston College and Columbia Business School, as well as the Make a Wish Foundation, Stamford Museum, and food banks.

In 2015, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital retired for health reasons, and eventually passed away in March of the same year. His death was the result of an illness. He is survived by his wife and four children, and remembered fondly for his business acumen by his former partners. Among his notable achievements were raising over $3.6 billion in revenue for CCMP in 2014.

Darius Fisher and Unfavorable Photos

Darius Fisher, being the founder of Status Labs understands that anything can cause a problem with one’s reputation. Darius Fisher knows about plenty of ways to deal with photos online. Often times, when one sends a photo online, someone can hack the photo and send it around. One way to deal with bad photos is to act quickly to make sure the views are minimized by contacting administrators and having the material removed under DMCA. One can also use the help of Status Labs founded by Darius Fisher in order to come up with strategies in order to come up with something that improves reputation.


Darius Fisher has developed his digital crisis and public relations firm with the intention of handling issues like this. He has a staff full of experts that are experienced with SEO and digital marketing. They know how to produce new and optimized content for their clients so that any bad report will be eventually taken out of the front page. The search engines often hold results in their place for a long time until newer information is available about the client. For this reason, they work on trying to bring about more flattering news about the client.
Among the types of content that Darius Fisher deals with for his clients are images that could ruin the reputation of his clients. He not only does what he can to have them removed, but he also advises people on what to do in order to avoid any trouble that could be caused from unflattering images. Darius Fisher and his staff at Status Labs have much needed understanding on how to deal with potential threats to reputation.

You Can Put your Trust in Wen by Chaz

Emily McClure has thin hair, a super-busy life, and a real passion for beauty products. She’d heard the hype about Wen: how the non-shampoo cleanser/conditioner/styling product could transform ordinary hair into a glorious mane of luscious locks. So she decided to give Wen by Chaz a try, but not a casual one. Emily set up a documented testing to see if the Fig variety of WEN could really do what it claimed and make her hair thoroughly loveable. The answer? According to the article Emily published on (, Wen by Chaz Dean really works, but you have to be careful how you use it.

At the time, the product seemed to be working, giving her hair body and bounce. The next morning, however, she was less than thrilled: her hair felt heavy and greasy at the roots. Not to be daunted, Emily tried the product during a morning shower and was delighted with the results: a head full of healthy, shiny, bouncy locks. After several more days of experimentation, she concluded that, for her, Wen ( was an excellent product if used on a daily basis and after a morning shower. The message? Experiment for yourself and see how Wen by Chaz works for your hair. Chances are you’ll be thrilled.
Wen by Chaz was developed by Chaz Dean for the celebrities flocking to the tranquility of his purposely low-key Hollywood salon. Believing passionately that natural is best and that harsh chemicals have no place in his beauty products, Chaz created a gentle cleansing treatment that would eliminate the sulfates found in ordinary shampoo. Wen by Chaz cleans, conditions, deep-conditions, and detangles the hair, at the same time working as a leave-in conditioner to give body and lustrous sheen. It’s a revolutionary product created by a revolutionary genius of hair-care.

Why Kyle Bass Is Suspicious

It’s not just that his last name could be confused with a fish; Bass’ fishiness goes much deeper. The man is from Argentina, a country run by Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, a socialist despot that has defaulted her own homeland twice in thirteen years. Bass supports everything she does politically or financially, even though her leadership is so terrible there are going to be multiple choice tests about it for children of the future in history class. Yet Bass supports her. Would one expect someone supporting such a terrible socialist regime to live in Texas? No–not unless that individual were in some way using Texas as a front, or a cover. This seems to be the case with Bass, who runs his hedge fund out of Dallas. Bass also runs CAD, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. CAD uses political pressure from a special-interest group to force big-ticket pharmaceuticals into devaluing the cost of their medications, thus decimating their profits and stock value. Bass short-sells his holdings with whichever pharmaceutical organization he’s attacked the moment their stock drops and makes millions in the process. Who is ultimately hurt by this? The sick and the infirm who were just months away from a breakthrough cure, and now will have to wait another decade while the pharmaceutical who could have produced it gets their legs under them again.  The whole thing was exposed in detail in Kyle Bass: The Frantic Investments of a Desperate Gambler.

Kyle Bass doesn’t care, though. He hit the ground running in 2008. He became famous for predicting the sub-prime lending crisis would lead to financial collapse, but there’s a very high likelihood he was one of the reasons the collapse happened the way it did. Kyle Bass’ former employer was Bear-Stearns. After he was no longer working with Bear-Stearns, he let a journalist at CSPAN know information about friction between Bear-Stearns and Goldman-Sachs, prompting that journalist to ask a leading question on the air intimating that Goldman-Sachs had lost their confidence in Bear-Stearns. This wasn’t the case, but the report was live and everyone on Wall Street acts quickly, or they don’t act. Bear-Stearns collapsed by the end of the week and was absorbed by Goldman-Sachs.

All these things are incredibly suspicious–in a word, they’re fishy–and seem to indicate Bass has ulterior motives informing his financial decisions.

Talk Fusion Offers Quality Technology To Businesses Large And Small

Talk Fusion is the leader in cutting edge video technology that helps users around the world through video technology. The company has always had a vision of doing it bigger and better than its competitors. The introduction of video email services in 2007, helped elevate the company’s platform along with other video and marketing solutions. According to Forbes Magazine, Talk Fusion’s products are simple but at the same time, the video email has a certain wow factor.

The genius behind Talk fusion is marketing entrepreneur Bob Reina. After several years in law enforcement, Reina decided to do something new. After being introduced to network marketing in the early 90s, Reina decided to go out on a limb and leave behind a steady paycheck. He hired several technology experts, and not long after, Talk Fusion was born. “Many people called me crazy for jumping into the unknown,” says Reina. I wanted to prove what I was told couldn’t be done could be done.

His big idea of putting a 10 second video into email was something he was determined to do. After the idea was conceived and perfected, the rest is history. Reina is now considered a pioneer in the industry and well respected for his contributions in the field.

Talk Fusion’s technology is forcing small businesses to change their operational style. “Video technology like Talk Fusion’s definitely helps attract more attention,” says David Kale of Kale Designs.