Omar Boraie’s Urban Revitalization In New Jersey

In the 1970’s New Brunswick was a blighted city that real estate developers ignored, however, Omar Boraie saw potential in the city that once was a thriving urban community. Boraie Development built Albany Street Plaza Towers I and II in Downtown New Brunswick, followed by The Aspire, a luxury residential high rise building in the heart of the city. With The Aspire bringing in young urban professionals who desire a full service apartment near the New Brunswick train station, Boraie Development’s buildings are helping to revitalize New Brunswick.

Boraie Development, founded by Omar Boraie, is taking New Brunswick’s derelict looking lots and distressed areas and redeveloping them; Boraie can look out of the window from his company’s New Brunswick headquarters and see the buildings that represent his long-term interest in the city.

A philanthropist at heart, Boraie donated $1.5 million toward the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science at the Rutgers Cancer Institute. quoted Boraie as saying “My goal in life is to see New Brunswick be the center of research and development, and the Rutgers Cancer Institute to be the largest in the U.S.A.”

Boraie also serves on the advisory board of New Brunswick’s Elijah’s Promise, which operates a soup kitchen and trains unskilled workers in the culinary arts. The organization operates a community garden in New Brunswick as well, with raised beds that they rent for a small annual fee.

Omar Boraie does not limit his development projects to New Brunswick; in a report by NJ Biz, he is developing property in Newark and Atlantic City as well where Boraie Development is building new housing in a barren stretch of the city.

Online Reputation Tips To Saving Your Business

Online reputation is the #1 thing that can define a business. A brand can lack growth with their business if they don’t understand the process of keeping their company on the right track. Online reputations can define how your company works. The key is to know what to do to keep the brand going in the right direction.

– Managing Online Reviews

Yelp and Trip Advisor are two of the most respected on the net today. Managing online reviews is all about knowing where to find them and how to respond back to them. Are you responding to them in a positive manner? Are you responding back to them in a way that provides a solution and makes your company look more professional? Being the “bigger person” in this industry is the way to go.

– Get Active With Social Media

Simply being a part of social media can help tremendously with guiding your business and getting you to the top. If there is one thing you can do to improve your online reputation, it’s just the fact that you can post more on Facebook and other sites and simply provide legitimate updates on your brand. Just use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other sites to get active with your customers. Show them that there is a person behind the corporation.

– Publishing Regular Content

The main thing to remember about your company is that you can create articles that center around your business. Posting articles on article sharing sites, your own website and blog, and anywhere you feel could benefit your brand could be a way to spread more awareness and have more positivity online being spread about your corporation.

There are several online management reputation firms that can focus in on what you can do to guide your company. Managing a brand is about crafting your business online, being updated with positivity, and always watching out for those annoying bad reviews that can showcase your brand in a bad light. You need to know what to do to showcase your company in a positive light as much as possible on the net.

Securus Technologies – Ensuring Valuable Services At Economical Prices To Inmates And Law Enforcement Agencies

Securus Technologies is a market leader in the field of prison communication technology and has served millions of customers over the years. The primary aim of the company is to help bridge the gap between the inmates and their families. One of the main reasons why most of the crimes occur inside the prisons is because of the psychological stress that the prisoners go through due to isolation from friends and family. The prison communication technology helps the inmates to stay in close touch with their friends and relatives, which is a blessing for most of the prisoners who wants to stay updated with what is going on in the lives of their families outside.

Securus Technologies continues to update its products and services from time to time and launches on average one new product every week, which is a remarkable achievement. The company reaches out to over 1,200,000 inmates throughout the United States. Securus Technologies continues to innovate and develop the prison communication and criminal justice technology and has 600 patents registered under their name. It goes on to show the commitment of the company towards developing highly innovative and useful products that transform lives of the prisoners.

The company has high confidence in the services it provides and in a recently published press release by the firm; it has published many of the letters and comments by its current and past users. In these observations, the customers have praised Securus Technologies for its services, which help the law enforcement officers to catch the culprits and convict them quickly, while it also helps the inmates to stay in touch with their friends and relatives. I have used the services of the company during my short time in jail, and it helped me tremendously not to feel isolated and got me strength to move on.

David Giertz Has Important Advice For Financial Advisers And Their Clients About Social Security

Speaking to columnist Veronica Dagher from the Wall Street Journal’s Financial Adviser, David Giertz had some information for financial advisers and clients as to the importance of communicating about Social Security benefits. Specifically, those approaching retirement age.


The Nationwide Financial Retirement Institute conducted a survey that showed 86% of those approaching retirement were unable to correctly identify what factors would determine the amount of their Social Security benefits. This is important, David Giertz explains, not only for the clients – but for advisers client retention as well. “4 out of 5 people would change advisers if their adviser wasn’t talking about Social Security” he stated.


Part of this, he says, may be due to the overall vastness and complexity of the rules governing Social Security, which may create apprehension and a lack of confidence in addressing it. However, with Social Security being as much as 40% of an individual’s retirement income it is often crucial for financial advisers to help their clients understand the importance of when to accept their Social Security benefits. Turning your benefits on too early could result in a reduction, costing up to $300,000 over a twenty-five year period, or $12,000 per year or $1,000 per month.


Failing to optimize benefits at this magnitude could be devastating to an individual’s retirement goals. This ‘land-grab’ mentality is one many advisers see and must continue to keep their clients informed about when planning for their retirement.


David Giertz is a FINRA registered broker with more than 31 years of financial adviser experience and he has four financial adviser exam code certifications to his credit.


Mr. Giertz has served with the Nationwide Investment Services Corporation family of companies since 2006. He is currently the President of Nationwide Financial Distributors, Inc. and Senior Vice-President-Nationwide Financial Distribution and Sales at Nationwide Life Insurance Company.


Nine9’s Inspirational Success Stories Proving They’re the Best

Nine9 is a top of the line acting and modeling agency that has helped guide countless people grow and develop in their chosen fields in this industry. It’s tough to become an actor in a sea where there are millions of others with the same dream. Working with Nine9 Talent Agency can help you grow in the right direction and truly get the chance to get the right team guiding you.

Frank C. is a man who worked with Nine9 and developed his craft working with them. He followed the team’s advice and worked with their trainers by taking their classes and workshops and learned “how to audition” in front of casting directors. In this industry, being a good actor is just one thing; you need to be great at being in audition rooms as well. He eventually started landing commercials and other jobs as an actor.

Payton S. is a young actress who worked with her sister on a Barbie music video without even working with this agency for a week. They barely just joined and started receiving advice and knowledge, and they eventually just got a part almost instantly.

Kevin F. is a young aspiring actor who got cast in the famous tv show, Empire. he loves the show and enjoyed getting to be on the set. He is also currently waiting on season three because he wants to be able to share the set with his favorite actors once more.

This agency wants to get you right in the action of this industry. They can guide you to work in the right direction and really get out there so you can get cast for shows and movies. Being seen by casting directors is the hardest part, but Nine9’s industry professional experience can help you get seen by all the right industry successes.

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Richard Blair Gives New Investors Insight on Investing

Richard Blair is definitely someone that people need to contact if they are interested in any type of financial planning. He has shown a lot of his clients the best way to save for retirement.

He has been able to help people invent a plan even if they may have thought that they did not have the ability to save. This is the great thing about tapping the resource of a financial planner.

They can help those that are interested in investing and building a better portfolio. The thing that makes Richard Blair Wealth Solutions a valued resource is his ability to give customers a variety of options. The person that goes out to invest on their own may realize that there are a few options out there, but they are looking at investing through a narrow scope.

Richard Blair is certified in financial planning and he knows about a plethora of different avenues. He has been able to guide investors in the way of investing because he knows about annuities, stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

He has been able to help the clients that are trying to allocate funds that will make their portfolio diverse. This may be one of the most common things that new investors may overlook.

They may not have a plan to diversify their portfolio because they may be thinking about the highest rate of return. They made focus all of their energy on stocks, but this can be a very dangerous game when the stock market crashes.

According to Wealth Minder, what Richard Blair Wealth Solutions has been able to do is help people discover that there is more to life than simply working on a plan for stocks. What Richard Blair knows better than many new investors is that it takes a variety of different investments to actually get a decent rate of return consistently. This is what it’s going to matter in the long term.

People that are trying to prepare for retirement or going to need a high level of consistency. They are going to want to use a different number of vehicles to get them the returns on investments that they will need.

Richard Blair Wealth Solution is certainly able to do this because he has done it for decades. His experience is valuable because he knows the ins and outs of the investing world, and he is familiar with the trials and errors of new investors.

Brazil’s Internet Startups Are Producing Serious Profits For Investors

Brazil is going through the worst recession in more than 90 years, but the recession hasn’t stopped young entrepreneurs from taking advantage of the Internet explosion in Brazil. Foreign and domestic investors are pouring money into Brazilian Startups, and that trend is getting stronger, according to Flavio Maluf. Maluf is the CEO of Eucatex, and he is one of Brazil’s leading executives. According to Maluf, there are more than 4,000 Startups in business or going into business in Brazil. The Startup craze began slowly in 2011, but the interest in Startups has exploded over the last five years. Investors from all over the world are taking advantage of Brazil’s vibrant Internet market on LinkedIn. They are starting Internet companies in the education, healthcare, tech, and the consumer product sectors of the Brazilian economy. One of the Startups that is using an app to solve logistic issues is Loggi. Loggi was founded in 2013, and the product delivery service industry in Brazil runs smoother thanks to the Loggi app.

Another Startup in Brazil is Bovcontrol. Bovcontrol was started in 2012, and the company addresses the management and the control of the 200 million head of cattle in Brazil. Users can control the nutrition and health of their herd using the Bovcontrol app that provides graphics and analysis on The app is called “Cattle Google Analytics,” and companies like Walmart are using the app to control supplies, according to Maluf.

Flavio Maluf is no stranger to the Startup world. Flavio is one of those hands-on executives who uses the Internet to do business. He invests in Startups that help his international building material supply company do a better job in the global market. Eucatex brands are sold in home improvement stores in the United States, Canada, and other countries. Maluf stays connected with those stores through Internet apps developed in Brazil and other countries. Eucatex has an extensive product line, and those products can be ordered online. Maluf is also responsible for bringing environmental awareness to the Brazilian market at Flavio is an excellent speaker, and he often speaks about renewable energy, climate change, and other environmental issues to companies in Brazil and other countries.

Anthony Petrello: Why The Best In Oil And Well Drilling Equipment Is Necessary

Anthony Petrello is the CEO, President, and Chairman of the Board of the highly prestigious international oil and gas servicer and equipment producer: Nabors Industries, Ltd. The roles Tony Petrello takes part: are many.

Tony Petrello oversees many areas of the company–however, working within the international marketplace, any CEO, within the oil and gas industry oversees quite a few operational processes. Such a leader must fully understand the requirements of the field operator, in order to provide his client with the most preferred way to perform wellbore placement and well-drilling operations. Here is where Tony Petrello (Anthony Petrello) easily “steps up to the plate.”

Follow Anthony Petrello on LinkedIn and Crunchbase.

Anthony Petrello believes in order to gain operator confidence, requires well-drilling equipment that provides the proper mechanisms and the greatest in capacity and precision. When things are off: the operator suffers and time is lost. When good equipment, with sound technologies are deployed, the entire operational process becomes highly efficient. Anthony Petrello has no issues, in clearly seeing what the operator is up against. The goal of the operator is to provide service as precisely and efficiently, as possible.

Anthony Petrello, strategizes, by bringing the best and precision-best out to the field. Anthony Petrello, knows, that he is looking out for the best interests of the labor staff, the Nabors Industries. Ltd. administrative staff, and the company’s preferred stakeholders. He makes use of his knowledge and logical approach, in working within an economy that is volatile at times, minimizing risk as much as possible.

It is true, Tony Petrello knows the solutions. He knows what needs to stay and what needs improvement. In using intuitiveness, and inventiveness, Anthony Petrello continues to inspire confidence from the international workforce of the highly renowned gas and oil servicer and equipment provider of Nabors Industries, Ltd.

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Bruce Levenson’s Contributions To The NBA And Washington DC Philanthropy

Bruce Levenson is both a sports enthusiast and a well-known philanthropist. He has a long career in business including his time as President and CEO of Unified Communications Group (UCG), and later his time as majority owner of the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks. He recently sold the Hawks to Tony Ressler and Company, a major deal worth $730 million, but in the aftermath he and several other Hawks owners became involved in a settlement regarding the termination of former General Manager Danny Ferry. Ferry had filed a claim with the Hawks former insurance company, AIG and Levenson and the rest of the Hawks owners decided to buyout Ferry’s contract. But AIG has not paid any compensation to Ferry that his attorneys say they are obligated to pay. Levenson and the other former owners are taking AIG to court.

Levenson founded UCG in 1977 along with Ed Peskowitz. The company began with Oil Express, a newsletter that Levenson and Peskowitz published out of their own apartment, and then grew to become a major industry media conglomerate. It is the parent company to the GasBuddy app as well technology marketing research firm TechTarget. Levenson is also on the Board of Directors of private equity and investment company BIA Digital Partners. Levenson first became an NBA owner in 2004 when he formed a coalition of owners at Atlanta Spirit, LLC and purchased the Hawks in addition to their arena and the NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers.

Bruce Levenson has started several non-profit groups and served as president for several including the University of Maryland’s Center for Philanthropy ( and Non-Profit Leadership. He was also instrumental in establishing Hoop Dreams, a youth basketball tournament whose proceeds went to fund scholarship programs. He also is heavily involved at the Holocaust Memorial Musuem where he sponsors the “Bringing the Lessons Home” program.

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Mike Heiligenstein’s Thoughts on How the Transportation Sector of Williamson County can be improved

Austin City recently hosted a growth summit on transportation challenges. Executives from the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA), RideScout, Uber Technologies, and ArgoDesign headed the summit. Among the executives were Mike Heiligenstein, CTRMA’s director, Joseph Kopser from RideScout, Leandre Johns from Uber Technologies, and Jared Ficklin from ArgoDesign. The summit took place at the renowned Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel & Conference Center. It focused on the role of technology in addressing transportation challenges facing Austin residents.


Speaking at the summit, Mike Heiligenstein noted that innovations such as ridesharing applications and driverless cars could advance the transportation sector. He pointed out that Austin should invest in these technologies to boost the industry. Heiligenstein mentioned that since the mobility demands of Williamson County is regularly growing, transportation authorities should build more roads.


Jared Ficklin also urged the county officials to adopt flexible land-use and building acts. According to him, this initiative represents the work that policymakers can do in addressing present and future transportation challenges. Ficklin also spoke about the need to upgrade parking garages to accommodates the needs of vehicle owners in Williamson County residents. He recommends the garages should be five feet in height. Ficklin also requested the authorities to build parking garages with charging and service stations for autonomous vehicles.


The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority


CTRMA is a governmental agency that runs independently since 2002. The agency’s mission is to advance the transportation system of Travis and Williamson counties. CTRMA is also focused on implementing multi-modal and innovative transportation solutions. These solutions focus on minimizing traffic congestion while creating more transportation choices for sustainability and economic vitality. CTRMA’s executive board team comprises of seven members.


The governor usually appoints the board chairperson. County commissioners of Travis and Williamson counties appoint the other six members. CTRMA works with private sector contractors in the implementation of transportation projects. The mobility authority’s operations comply with the Texas Transportation Code Chapter 370.

About Mike Heiligenstein


Mike Heiligenstein heads the mobility authority’s professional team as the director. He joined the institution in 2003 after the executive board members elected him. Heiligenstein worked as the county commissioner for Williamson County for 15 years before joining CTRMA. He was also a member of the Round Rock City Council. In 2009, Heiligenstein landed a high-status appointment as the Texas Transportation Institute Advisory Council’s member. As an executive board member, Heiligenstein provides the Tunnel and Turnpike Association, International Bridge, and Envision Central Texas boards with strategic planning advice. He was a former chairperson of the National Association of Counties Air and Water Quality Subcommittees.

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