Brian Bonar A Very Successful Career

Brian Bonar, the Chairman/CEO of the Dalrada Financial Corporation has been selected as a recipient of the Executive of the Year award in the category of finance from Cambridge Who’s Who Registry. This prestigious award is only given after considerable thought and research.

There is only four Executive of the Year honors in each category, two for men and two for women. The criteria for selection is based on the three things a business executive must have to reach the top of his or her industry.

When Who’s Who is choosing the person who will be honored with this prestigious award they first consider what the candidate has accomplished so far in their career.

Professional accomplishments are a good barometer for the success or failure of any business executive. Education is important to the overall picture of the candidate. Simply put, where did this person attend college, what is their degree in or more importantly, do they have multiple degrees.

Leadership ability can be judged by the success of the candidate. If a person is successful it is assumed they are surrounded by good people. According to Crunchbase, Brian Bonar has met and surpassed the qualifications required to receive this high honor.

For nearly thirty years Brian has been sharing his management experience with the financial industry and for the last ten years, he has served as the CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation. In this position, Brian is responsible for a variety of employee and employer benefits as well as aftermarket products.

With the goal of increasing business efficiency, the company acts as a liaison providing its clients with a variety of employee programs that will lead to the maximum productivity of the employee.

Dalrada Financial will recommend employee benefits, discuss insurance including, workers’ compensation and business liability. Dalrada Financial is a service that provides business management services PEO (Professional Employer Organization) to its clients.

Brian is a respected finance executive who is highly regarded for his business leadership expertise. During his thirty-plus year career, he has helped lead more than one company to financial success. Besides being the CEO and president of Dalrada Financial Corp.

He has worked with Trucept, Smart-Tek Automated Services, The Amanda Co and Allegiant Professional Business Services. Serving as the president and or CEO for each of the companies mentioned. Although separate entities, each of these companies deals in employee, employer relationships.

Brian Bonar did his undergraduate studies at the University of Strathclyde and James Watt Technical College, receiving a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stafford University in 1985. Brian also holds a Ph.D. and is associated with the American Finance Association.

He lists golfing, boating and family among his many interests. He is a member of the Lions Club, supports the Escondido Children’s Museum and Boys and Girls Club. Brian Bonar continues to enjoy a very successful career that will only continue in the years ahead.

Bruce Levenson Seeks An End To Hawks Danny Ferry Era

The change in ownership of the Atlanta Hawks that took place in 2014 still has aspects hanging over the heads of the former ownership of the historic NBA franchise. Bruce Levenson, the head of the former ownership group Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment LLC is now looking to tie up all the loose ends of his successful decade in charge of the franchise, including the final details of the payoff provided to former general manager Danny Ferry.

According to, with most changes in ownership the Tony Ressler led consortium who purchased the Hawks from Levenson’s group wanted to bring in their own staff to lead the franchise after their purchase; Levenson and his fellow owners reached an agreement with Ferry to end his six year contract as general manager two days before the final sale was announced. Levenson believes an insurance policy protecting the Hawks ownership from claims for unfair or constructive dismissal should have allowed a claim to be made that limited their losses over the deal made with Ferry; however, insurance giant AIG has so far refused to make a payment of the policy and prompted a legal claim made in New Hampshire by the former owners of the Hawks.

Bruce Levenson made a success of his ownership of the Hawks, which he has done with every business move he has made since the establishment of the United Communications Group with business partner Ed Peskowitz in 1977. Working as a journalist in 1977 Levenson and Peskowitz began producing news letters for the oil industry that have now morphed into one of the most successful real time analytics groups in the world. Levenson has done much for the communities he works and lives within, including helping to establish the U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. that aims to keep the memories of the World War II genocide alive in the 21st century.


Why the Evolution of smooth stands out

Many people suffer from chapped lips that crack and blister leading to pain and discomfort. The most common solution for this is a high quality Lip balm to protect your lips. There are many different types of lip balms out there and finding a good one can be difficult. In our opinion one brand stands out from the others. That brand is the Evolution of Smooth.
High Quality Natural Ingredients

One thing that sets the Evolution of Smooth a superior product is the high quality all natural ingredients that go into it. Instead of petroleum jelly, the Evolution of smooth has high quality emollients like shea butter and coconut oil which help to lock moisture into your lips and repair the thin skin on your lips that is easily damaged by the dry air and other causes.

The all natural ingredients in the lip balm will help to reduce the reactions that you may have to the lip balm and make for a safer product overall. Many of the non natural ingredients that are in lesser quality lip balms actually dry out your skin rather than retain moisture and are counter productive.

Orbital Sphere for Sanitary Delivery

Those tubes of lip balm are less sanitary than you might thick and don’t deliver the same smooth application that the Evolution of Smooth delivers. Their unique orbital sphere stands out in the market as a great applied of lip balm and helps to deliver a thick and solid application that protects your lips.

Unique Flavors

Many lip balms have a limited variety of Flavors that get boring, are overbearing or taste overly medicinal. The Evolution of Smooth provides subdued Flavors in their balms that are tasty and enjoyable to use without the overbearing medicinal Flavors that are commonly used. They also have a wide variety of Flavors to keep it interesting and the Evolution of smooth is therefore our choice. EOS lip balms are available online via and Order yours today!


The Acceleration of TOWN Residential is Taking NYC by Surprize

New York City has thousands of real estate firms, and many of them call themselves luxury real estate, but Andrew Heisberg has found the key to amazing brokerage offices that WOW their clients. As the result, TOWN Residential is quickly rising to the top of the NYC industry.


Andrew Heiberg is the founder and CEO of TOWN Residential, and he established his first real estate office in 2010 in Manhattan. Heiberg is an expert in real estate and finances, and he possesses strong leadership skills. When these characteristics are combined, success cannot be far away. TOWN’s focus and their center of attention is directed towards their clients and presenting each one with extravagant customer service. Service that finds their new home with plenty left over to tell their family and friends about.


In three years, TOWN has expanded to 10 superior locations across the city, and the most recent property is located in the meatpacking district. This neighborhood is the up and coming, hot place for business, and Heiberg saw that. The area that surrounds the new office on the second floor of 446 W. 14th St. It is at the main entrance to the High Line, which is right in the center of NYC’s most desired neighborhoods. This area continues to grow, with more condos being built around the park.


Thomas & Ingram, the upcoming boutique brokerage, and a smaller TOWN office will both be moving into the new 7,000 sq. ft. office. The new office is optimally located with an adjoining three-story building that allows TOWN to have rooftop space. This is totally unique in the New York market, and Heiberg expects it to be an awesome feature allowing for outdoor space that other brokerages don’t have.


The TOWN slogan which resonates through the city is My Town, Our Neighborhood, Your Home. This luxury real estate firm directs their focus to the clients. Period. Every detail is discussed, and the TOWN team of over 30 professionals is able to attend to their clients’ desires. This is another feature that sets TOWN apart from the rest.


The staff at this newest office will cover the area from Hudson Yards down to TriBeCa. Two other TOWN firms have opened in the past months; they are located in Union Square and Greenwich Village. Keep your eyes open for the next TOWN Residential office to open or go to for more information.

IAP Worldwide Takes On Great Issues And Causes

IAP Worldwide is a company that is known and respected by many people all over the world for the fantastic missions they pursue and complete. Since they have the latest technology, and their innovative measures, they are able to complete impossible missions that other companies wouldn’t be able to attempt. Under the leadership of the CEO and Director, Douglas Kitani, IAP Worldwide operates at full throttle on a regular basis, assisting whenever they are needed with unusual and unexpected events across the globe. Known for their expertise in all levels, they are asked to go to remote areas in order to help on a regular basis.

Why Do Communities Trust IAP So Much?

IAP has been in business for over 60 years dealing with companies like Irmo SC, Pan Am World Services, Inc. and Johnson Controls, Inc. During their missions with these companies, they became known a huge success in what they can accomplish, and their unique way of dealing with impossible issues. They are known for thinking out of the box, so to speak, and creating solutions that other companies wouldn’t have a way of dealing with.

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The Internal Makings Of A Successful Company Called IAP Worldwide

On the inside of the company, there are 2,000 hard working individuals continuing to make a huge success of a team that performs at the highest standards in all cases. IAP Worldwide follow the rules of integrity and honesty in every situation that they encounter. With their leadership at the top, the respect the history of the company, the partners that have aligned with them and the ethics and compliance that makes their company stand out from all the rest. Utilizing their value system of treating all people with great respect, they have proven time and time again that they are the company that can produce the desired results in all types of situations.

When people hear of the name IAP Worldwide, they know they are dealing with the best of the best in the industry. Since their work precedes them, they have become known as a force that can and will complete the impossible missions that occur in the world today. The future looks to have many opportunities for the company to show their expansive techniques and exceptional way of dealing with problems. When the government trusts them with over 375 millions of dollars in contracts, other communities know they are in the right hands when they call them in to assist in times of trouble.

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Ready For The Summer With Wengie

When the summer season arrives, you might want to start doing things that will get your body a little more toned and that are healthy as well. Wengie offers a few summer body tips that you can try so that you enjoy time outside with your friends and so that you lose the weight you want to lose.

One of the easiest things that you can do is to eat more vegetables and fruits. This means that you need to eat more than you are now. Vegetables that have more pigment in them are healthier for you, such as dark red tomatoes or dark green broccoli and peppers. When you exercise, try to do something that is a little more relaxing, such as taking a walk in the woods or in a peaceful surrounding. You’ll find that it will help to calm the mind as well. Walk briskly so that it keeps the heart rate up as well. It’s a good time to enjoy listening to an audio book.

Use natural items to sweeten your foods instead of using a lot of sugar. Sliced dates are good to use on a variety of foods, and they add a sweetness that is delicious instead of one that seems overwhelming and processed. Dairy can be a cause of a lot of skin problems. If you stop drinking whole milk or eating other items that have milk in them, you might find that there is a decrease in the amount of acne that you have on the skin.

How the Modern Plastic Surgery Industry has Grown and Jennifer Walden’s Contributions to this Industry

Skin smoothing Botox, lasers, peels and wrinkle erasers are widely used these days by cosmetic and plastic surgeons. Undertaking plastic or cosmetic surgery is the best ultimatum to look good and rejuvenate both your body and face. Several doctors have gained popularity due to their expertise in beauty surgery. Thousands of surgeons in the United States performed approximately 1.6 million cosmetic surgeries in 2012. Most of these surgical procedures included facelifts, eyelid surgery, nose reshaping, and liposuction.

Beauty surgeons operate across the US. For instance, Jennifer Lee Walden is a plastic surgeon born and based in Austin, Texas. Her father was a dentist and mother was a surgical nurse. She attended Anderson High School and graduated with an undergraduate Biology degree from the University of Texas. Jennifer submitted her application to the University of Texas Medical Branch, was accepted to join the medical school and graduated as a salutatorian. She is an academic, media commentator and the founder of Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center, PLLC and Jennifer Walden, M.D., PLLC that are both private plastic surgery facilities located in Austin, Texas.

Jennifer Lee Walden commenced her career at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital in Manhattan. In this hospital, her mentor was Dr. Sherrell Aston. She acquired an aesthetic surgery fellowship from this institution. She continued staying at the institution and worked on Upper East Side of New York City. During her stay in New York, she diligently participated in several clinical trials that resulted to silicone breast implants being reintroduced to the plastic surgery sector. Jennifer is renowned for using advanced 3D imaging technology when visualizing a patient’s appearance before undertaking surgery. She was included in the 24 Best Beauty Surgeons list compiled by Harper Bazaar in 2014. Jennifer has also worked as an expert commentator on issues related to plastic surgery for Dr 90210, ABC News, E!, Fox News and VH1. She belongs to the Editorial Board of Directors of Plastic Surgery Practice and Modern Aesthetics. Jennifer is one of the few diligent women to work under the Board of Directors of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. As an author, she co-wrote the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery textbook.


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Bustle Writer And Hair Stylist Loves WEN By Chaz Dean And The Results It Brought To Her Hair

The WEN hair care line is made up of cleansing conditioners that were specifically designed to give a deep clean to the hair and scalp, while retaining the natural moisture of the hair. Regardless of the hair type or style or whatever issues someone is currently experiencing, WEN cleansing conditioners was designed to help, be it oily, dry, brittle, or thin hair. Emily McClure, hair stylist and Bustle Magazine writer, tested out the WEN product and published a review of it on
Emily, even as a hair stylist herself, has had many problems dealing with her hair, dealing with it being too thin or fine as well as oily. She has tested out a countless number of different hair care products and used styles in her hair for years. Luckily, WEN cleansing conditioners by Chaz Dean ( play nicely with other products and can be used with the majority of styling products, though it could take longer for it too take effect. WEN is a healthy and all natural product that is free from sulfates and other chemicals that many other hair products are plagued with. This is part of what allows WEN to work its magic and give excellent results for every user’s hair.

Within less than a week, Emily was seeing the great results that the product had promised, which was a surprise to her that it worked quicker than expected. She noted that she saw increased volume and greater shine in her hair, with before and after pictures showing the results on her review. WEN’s special 5 in 1 formula was created by Chaz Dean and his team. Through a lot of trial and error, they were able to create a product they produced salon level results at a lower cost and in the comfort of home, while also being able to take up the place of other typical shampoos and conditioners. Wen hair care products can be purchased on Sephora and eBay online. For more info, visit the website:


Richard Blair Shares 3 Tips For Homeowners Looking To Rent On Airbnb

Richard Blair is an investment advisor who has been in the finance industry for almost 30 years. His number one goal is and has always been to provide the best possible advice to those seeking to make a significant and positive change in their lives. His commitment to financial and investment planning is what makes him stand out in the crowd.

He is constantly educating himself on what’s going on in the market so he can advice his clients on which strategies they should use to meet their financial goals. With that being said, if you are considering renting your home on Airbnb, Richard Blair has 3 tips for you to follow.

#1 – Consider The Risks

Before you list your home on Airbnb, take the time to consider all potential risks. Most people fail to realize that as the homeowner, you are the one who will be held liable for injuries to guests, damage to the property or any illegal activity that takes place on the property.

#2 – Find Out If Your Insurance Covers Short Term Rentals

Most homeowners insurance policies do not cover short term rentals. That means any expenses that are incurred will ultimately come out of your pocket.

#3 – Make Sure You Understand How Airbnb Host Protection Works

After a few scary incidents Airbnb now offers all hosts what is known as Host Protection Insurance. Host Protection Insurance provides all hosts with up to $1,000,000 in primary liability coverage for incidents related to an Airbnb stay.

And while this may sound good, Blair advises homeowners to be careful. With all the exclusions, conditions and limitations associated with the protection, chances are it won’t cover you when you need it. That’s why it is so important you take the time to understand how it works. You want to make sure you are properly covered before you let anyone rent out your home.

More About Richard Blair

From a very young age Richard Blair loved learning. Growing up in a family full of he teachers he was able to experience first hand the power of education and how it can change ones life.

In 1993 after graduating college he immediately started working in the finance industry. A year later in 1994 he opened Wealth Solutions so that he could provide all of his clients with objective and unbiased financial advice.

Over the years he has helped thousands of individuals avoid the common pitfalls of retirement and financial planning. To learn more about Richard Blair visit

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Organizing Some Fun With Event Planners

People love to have fun. However, in order to provide a platform for fun, it is important to have it planned out. For people that aren’t very experienced in this area, party planning can be very stressful. For one thing, it can be easy to make some mistakes that can cause a lot of problems in the overall event. Fortunately, Lauren Conrad herself has gained experience in this activity. She even has some advice for people to follow when it comes to party planning. She advises people to let some of the pressure go when it comes to planning a party. The audience can feel the pressure and that could take away from the fun that is had at the party.

One way to take away from the pressure is by going to a professional event planner for the events. Among the most trusted event planners in NYC is Twenty Three Layers. The professionals that work in this company have a lot of experience with events. They have planned many events of many sizes and duration. People who go to events planned by 23 Layers will walk away with some great memories. They know how to handle many different themes as well as other aspects of the party.

23 Layers offers a lot of services for people that are looking to make the most of their events. They are also willing to help with services that happen during the event as well as after the event. For the professionals of 23 layers, event planning does not stop when the party begins. Event planning lasts all the way through cleaning up. This is why 23 Layers is the event planning company in NYC that one should go to for all of their needs. With 23 Layers, they will make a lot of memories.