SEC Whistleblower in Representing SEC Whistleblowers

Labaton Sucharow Company has the pleasure to announce that the SEC has rewarded over 17 million dollars to a whistleblower it represented for exposing the rot in the financial service industry. The firm was established the state’s first practice exclusively for representing SEC whistleblowers. The reward remains as the second largest from the SEC Whistleblower Program that has been in operation for the sixth year running now. The program allows qualified whistleblowers to get around twenty to thirty percent of the total monetary sanctions it collects in a successful enforcement action.


The company’s client provided highly eligible information that resulted in sanctions against a key player in the financial market. The client was selected anonymously to protect him and avoid revenge or blackmailing. The SEC doesn’t disclose the specific cases where a whistleblower plays a role in protecting their identity.


What the Future Holds


Labaton Sucharow’s client blew the whistle when the rest in the industry were quiet and continued to mistreat investors. The chair of the company Mr. Jordan A. Thomas said that in the coming years, many of SEC’s critical cases would result from courageous whistleblowers. Thomas also represented the first ever public company officer to receive the award and separately worked on the first case where the SEC charged an employer with revenging against a whistleblower.


The SEC offers due diligence making it possible for whistleblowers to report possible securities violations and opens avenues for people to earn monetary awards. The Congress has formed an Investor Protection Fund to ensure adequate funds are available to support the program and pay for the rewards.


About the Company


Labaton Sucharow has been in the industry for over fifty years now and is one of the first law firms to represent investors, businesses, and consumers in technical securities and litigations. It was the first company to establish services in representing whistleblowers and protecting them against retaliations. The company operates on a leading marketing platform to offer top of the range services and provide unparalleled representation for whistleblowers.


About SEC Whistleblower Lawyers


When you have some critical information about securities violations, you can hire a SEC attorney to represent you and offer extra protection against retaliation. The SEC lawyer helps people who report wrongdoings to get their award and protect their identity. The most important thing is to get one who is qualified and has been offering such services. The Labaton Sucharow law firm can help you with such services to ensure you get your due diligence. Other law firms across the state also have qualified attorneys and lawyers who can offer similar services.