Talk Fusion Offers Quality Technology To Businesses Large And Small

Talk Fusion is the leader in cutting edge video technology that helps users around the world through video technology. The company has always had a vision of doing it bigger and better than its competitors. The introduction of video email services in 2007, helped elevate the company’s platform along with other video and marketing solutions. According to Forbes Magazine, Talk Fusion’s products are simple but at the same time, the video email has a certain wow factor.

The genius behind Talk fusion is marketing entrepreneur Bob Reina. After several years in law enforcement, Reina decided to do something new. After being introduced to network marketing in the early 90s, Reina decided to go out on a limb and leave behind a steady paycheck. He hired several technology experts, and not long after, Talk Fusion was born. “Many people called me crazy for jumping into the unknown,” says Reina. I wanted to prove what I was told couldn’t be done could be done.

His big idea of putting a 10 second video into email was something he was determined to do. After the idea was conceived and perfected, the rest is history. Reina is now considered a pioneer in the industry and well respected for his contributions in the field.

Talk Fusion’s technology is forcing small businesses to change their operational style. “Video technology like Talk Fusion’s definitely helps attract more attention,” says David Kale of Kale Designs.

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