The Acceleration of TOWN Residential is Taking NYC by Surprize

New York City has thousands of real estate firms, and many of them call themselves luxury real estate, but Andrew Heisberg has found the key to amazing brokerage offices that WOW their clients. As the result, TOWN Residential is quickly rising to the top of the NYC industry.


Andrew Heiberg is the founder and CEO of TOWN Residential, and he established his first real estate office in 2010 in Manhattan. Heiberg is an expert in real estate and finances, and he possesses strong leadership skills. When these characteristics are combined, success cannot be far away. TOWN’s focus and their center of attention is directed towards their clients and presenting each one with extravagant customer service. Service that finds their new home with plenty left over to tell their family and friends about.


In three years, TOWN has expanded to 10 superior locations across the city, and the most recent property is located in the meatpacking district. This neighborhood is the up and coming, hot place for business, and Heiberg saw that. The area that surrounds the new office on the second floor of 446 W. 14th St. It is at the main entrance to the High Line, which is right in the center of NYC’s most desired neighborhoods. This area continues to grow, with more condos being built around the park.


Thomas & Ingram, the upcoming boutique brokerage, and a smaller TOWN office will both be moving into the new 7,000 sq. ft. office. The new office is optimally located with an adjoining three-story building that allows TOWN to have rooftop space. This is totally unique in the New York market, and Heiberg expects it to be an awesome feature allowing for outdoor space that other brokerages don’t have.


The TOWN slogan which resonates through the city is My Town, Our Neighborhood, Your Home. This luxury real estate firm directs their focus to the clients. Period. Every detail is discussed, and the TOWN team of over 30 professionals is able to attend to their clients’ desires. This is another feature that sets TOWN apart from the rest.


The staff at this newest office will cover the area from Hudson Yards down to TriBeCa. Two other TOWN firms have opened in the past months; they are located in Union Square and Greenwich Village. Keep your eyes open for the next TOWN Residential office to open or go to for more information.