The Merger Of Two Great IT Staffing Companies Builds Greater

After Inc. Magazine had awarded Info Technologies with the 8th rank in a list of 500 of the fastest growing American companies, John Goullet knew he had a big hit with the company he founded. By 2010, his company had grown into a $30 million thriving business. At about the same time, Gene Waddy had taken the company he founded, DIVERSANT Inc., to new heights as well. Both companies were minority owned IT staffing companies in 2010 when they got together and decided to join forces. Goullet’s 22 years in the executive seat of his own company, together with Waddy’s many years of experience with his own company, add up to a powerful newly combined company: DIVERSANT LLC.

Most of their client companies are part of the Fortune 500. They are quite happy with DIVERSANT LLC’s ability to quickly and accurately find the perfect candidates for their IT department openings. One of the great strategies at the combined search firm is to help improve potential candidates’ skill sets, rather than simply quickly dismissing someone with some minor weak areas. If training is needed, DIVERSANT makes sure the candidate gets it. They are doing a lot of heavy lifting in helping their candidates hit the targets required to achieve high level IT department jobs. These efforts also help their candidates feel fulfilled and motivated.

Goullet is the principle CEO at the company. His professional expertise is most adept when he is helping candidates who are people of color, as he is, achieve their career goals. He is quite tech savvy and up on all the latest cloud and fault-tolerant networking technologies and the manufacturers and suppliers of same.

The two partners, Goullet and Waddy, are very experienced in both business and with the position requirements of high technology. Nevertheless, they submit to mentorship by very seasoned executives that serve on their Board of Advisors. Their mentors lend a guiding hand and eye to help perfect DIVERSANT LLC’s operations. The advice of this group is invaluable in helping the company stay ahead of the game in both computer and networking technology trends, and in the world of service businesses.

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